New Mount Eerie - The Microphones Thread (rolling)


Says add to wishlist for me…not a good sign

Might be worth emailing Norman’s?

i’ve noticed when they get new Mount Eerie/Microphones albums in they also restock on old albums so may be they can order stuff in.


Full thing, cant wait to watch


bit wary of the sort of bootstraps vibe of what he says

although I’m sure he’s not saying it like that

I thought this was pretty wonderful myself.

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Anyone into Julie Doiron’s solo stuff? Good place to start?


Desormais if you like the quiet, miserable and slow stuff, I Wonder What You Did With Your Day for the more upbeat and rocking tunes.


Do I!!!


Incredible record.

Her album from last year is pretty wonderful too.

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Fascinated by this sort of thing with new releases

The album Julie Doiron did with Wooden Stars is also really good.

Bunch of money grabbing bastards…i know whole industries work around this sort of thing (trainers etc) but just let us have some bloody records and not take the piss!

phil is selling some really good records

Why is Blood £80?! Ridiculous prices on most of these

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Dont know her stuff that well but this set looks pretty lush

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learn songwriting from phil