New Music 01/04/22

So this is really good

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“The six track EP is the first in a series of releases by Mike Paradinas this year, which are all centred around the 25th Anniversary Edition of 'Lunatic Harness’, his classic 1997 album.”

April 2, new Castle Face signing

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Pillow Queens - Leave the light on
(Indie rock)


Liked their debut and looking forward to this one.


Looking forward to groovin and strutting to confidence man


Post metal album about the singers sexual assault.
The singles were pretty intense.


Currently listening to the new Christian Lee Hutson which is very nice. Singer songwriter etc, about to tour with Bright Eyes


The new one from Canadian pop-punk upstarts PUP is out today:

As is the new record from slowcore legends Duster:

Ominous sounding darksynth from Carpenter Brut:

More noise-rock and industrial sounds from the extremely prolific Gnod:


Yeah, the singles I’ve heard have been lovely

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Just had my first listen through, already sounding like a classic. Effortlessly awesome.


April fools!


The Rural Alberta Advantage have a new EP out


That PUP artwork is quite something (but I’m looking forward to giving it a listen)

Not listened to anything yet but ones I’ve added to try

Featuring Charlotte gainsbourg

Norwegian indie pop. I’ve liked some of his previous stuff

New chillis

New papercuts

Live album feat Conor oberst


I’ve got something new out today I’m gonna jag here if no one minds - a collaboration with Ghost Signs, making some deep desert drones dedicated to the great Jason Molina.

I’m mainly gonna be listening to GNOD and GGGOLDDD and working out where to start sifting through all the stuff released for Bandcamp Friday.


Molly Tuttle has assembled a new bluegrass band, Golden Highway, for her third album. Guest spots from Margo Price and Gillian Welch, amongst others.


Confidence Man - Tilt (Heavenly Records)
Second album from pop Aussie duo. Feels less obnoxious than the debut but still tongue stuck firmly in cheek, lots of house influences too. Good fun.


New Jon Spencer on In the Red records. Reminds me of the experimental remix stuff with a little bit more Pussy Galore.than Blues Explosion.

25 anniversary reissue/remaster of Big N’s 2nd lp - Albini produued noise rock classic FFO Unsane/Jesus Lizard.


Gnod for me too. Also going to check out

Not sure what a Jon Spencer album sounds like in 2022. Probably retro rock but it would be nice if it was something surprising.

Sort of sleazy post-punk


Andraa - Maleve
Kosovar German musician, finally releasing an album including a few reworks of songs from her EP. “dark, synth-heavy sound with traditional instrumentation and emotive folk rhythms and melodies” singing about child marriage and female oppression in Kosovo. Hope it’s as great as her EP.

Rita Dias - Morremos Tanto Para Crescer
Portuguese beautiful delicate sounding songs, with one collaborated with Noiserv which is lovely.

Seabear - In Another Life
Sin Fang and Soley and other Icelandic folk return together to make a new Seabear album. Should be quite beautiful sounding.

Simen Mitlid - Social
Norwegian Sufjan/Angelo De Augustine type sounds.

Chris Imler - Operation Schonheit
German electronic post punk apparently. Clanking synth sounds.

Field Works - Stations
Think I might have come across this artist from @Octobadger previously.
"What does the Earth sound like? In Stations, the 10th volume in the Field Works series, producer Stuart Hyatt approaches that question with a team of scientists working on the EarthScope experiment. Using sophisticated ground recording devices, Field Works has created a new type of music in which human voices sing along with the actual voice of the Earth. "

Helvetia - Dishes Are Never Done But Good Luck
Possibly out a couple of days ago/last month, a double-album from ex-members of the aforementioned Duster. Similar slowcore sounds.

Hannah Peel & Paraorchestra - The Unfolding
Mercury Prize nominee Hannah Peel along with a more digital kind of orchestra.

Plastikman & Chilly Gonzales - Consumed In Key
Collaboration synthy piano album.