New music 06/12. Any other business?

Nothing for me, are we done now till the new year?

haven’t listened yet, but a 4 hour drone record on shelter press is bound to be a good thing


Kinda hope so, got a heap to catch up on

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New soundtrack from Clark

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This came out a couple of days ago.

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The Burial compilation is out has a couple of tracks that I have missed down the years. That’s about it I think.

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If no one has kept up with Burial, that record is essential. Otherwise v.v.quiet


Czarface - Double Dose of Danger

Hip-hop. Gave the first few tracks a blast in the car on the way in, but listening has been curtailed due to work shit. Seems alright, not as heavy as a I was hoping it would be.

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Drone/minimal beats on Disintegration State by Veins Full Of Static


Courtney Barnett - mtv unplugged.


A few nice new singles today, but nothing major. Currently listening to a mix of recent songs and Christmas ones.

So this one out today ticks both boxes

Listening to this right now (it’s also on YouTube)…

But also ^this…

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Got about halfway through “Existenz” by Function on the train on the way to work, as it’s 1h50!

Quite a varied house/techno aesthetic, will probably take a couple of listens at least to get to grips with it, but sounds promising so far.

This new Richard Youngs album is supposedly his most gorgeous since Sapphie. I’ve listened to a couple of tracks and it sounds lovely. Also on Spotify.

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This is lovely…


We’ve finally hit the point where new music has properly slowed down… which is also bad because I’m hearing about lots of stuff that I’ve missed out on.

Actually that might be a good idea for a thread - 2019 music that has been overlooked?

There was a good thread in a similar vein last year…

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There’s one for this year here:

Just the Idles live album for me today

Album of the week on Bleep