New music 07/02/20

Morning Celts, what’s good today?

I have Against All Logic and envy, hopefully they’re great.

Isobel Campbell
Shopping - members of trash kit, sacred paws and some others create some noise
Sunda Arc -

I really enjoyed the songs that she released in advance of the album.

I’m looking forward to digging into this.

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The Homesick

Expecting HMLTD to be dreadful


La Roux!

Also The Homesick (spiky, experimental Dutch post-punk , on Sub Pop)

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Futuro Pelo

He/they have released a couple of EPs before, but this is the first album. Hopefully it’s as fun as the previous singles. Lots of samples and catchy poppy noises.

Clock Opera

I loved their first album from about eight years ago. Keyboardy anthemic indie or some such. Will see if I still enjoy them!

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This dropped just before my flight yesterday. It’s seriously good.

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La Roux - singles have been excellent, really looking forward to some nice disco pop
Khruangbin and Leon Bridges - collab EP, they seem really well suited to each other
Denzel Curry//Kenny Beats - 9 track album recorded in a day, at least half guaranteed to be bangers

La Roux is really good



Obonjayar has a thing out. Hoping for more of his gruff voice and interesting afro pop choons.

I’ve listened to this twice so far and I reckon it could be a masterpiece. I loved I’m New Here but never really got the need for the Jamie XX version. I can get behind a messy jazz version of it a lot more.

Also Makaya McCraven’s drumming is such a treat to listen to. :heart:


Isobel Campbell for me too. The three or four tracks I’ve heard are pretty good. Those tracks are still nowhere as good as Is It Wicked Not To Care?

The two things I want to listen to are not on Spotify:
Soft Walls
Cindy Lee

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New album from Yppah:


Arbor Labour Union, ‘New Petal Instants’

Kind of jam bandy crossed with post punk… A looser RCBF crossed with Endless Boogie or something.


Having now listened to the whole thing, I’m not sure the description above is totally accurate. Enjoyed it a lot though.

:heart: Makaya. Catch him and his band live if you can. Magical.

Had high hopes for this GSH remake and it sounds wonderful!

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Sudden Desire on the Hayley Williams EP/Sampler is a choon m8



New La Roux?


Also will check out Denzel Curry, HMLTD, Hayley WIlliams, Obongjayar, Isobel Campbell and maybe Green Day out of morbid curiosity

Against All Logic/Nicolas Jaar’s new one is out too

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