New music 10/08/18

Nothing I know of today.
Any of you?

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Louis Cole for me… sort of funky electro-pop stuff with a sense of humour

Going to try TirzahDevotion. Not spotted anything else of interest, yet.


I downloaded albums by Loose Tooth and The Beths after midnight as they’re new releases. Can’t say for certain that either is today’s release or last week’s.

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We put out a single plus remix today for Sunbane. Futuristic house kinda vibes. Dead good, and serves as a teaser for their album at end of September.

Nothing on my radar yet. Waiting for the bandcamp notifications to start rolling in.


Kathryn Joseph
Tomberlin (FFO soccer mommy, Phoebe bridgers and Julien baker)


US Indie/Emo band Foxing have a new album out. The singles seemed a bit darker/heavier than their last album, which I probably didn’t give enough time:

Mathy rockers Delta Sleep are also back, hopefully with the big tunes:


For me it’s all about Giant Sand - Returns to the Valley of Rain.

I’m not sure that I’ve seen much (if any) mention of them on here. This is a re-recording of their 1985 debut album (which Howe Gelb was never happy with). It Veers between fairly full on punk and americana. A brilliant album. Really looking forward to hearing what the new recordings sound like.


@weeber - a big fan of Howe/Giant Sand here, and many thanks for this heads up. Will definitely be giving this some time.

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I saw them play with Jason Lytle supporting them a few years back and they were brilliant. Really need to actually sit down and listen to them now.

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Kathryn Joseph for me, sounding very good already.


Another uninspiring late-Summer week, but Spotify Radar’s just told me there’s a live release from Jimi Tenor and Tony Allen, so I think I’ll pop that on.

There are Teenage Fanclub re-issues too I guess, but I listen to them pretty regularly anyway.

The Foxing album’s been getting a lot of puff from Ian Cohen, which is usually a good sign for this kind of release.

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This sounds great. A big improvement on the original.

@Kallgeese this new one would be as good a place as any to start. It’s at the louder end of their spectrum. If you want something a bit mellower, Chore of Enchantment is a masterpiece.

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All about Delta Sleep for me today, Clive

Excellent! Will have a listen on my walk home later!

Ooooft the Tirzah album is excellent. Exactly what I was after. Definitely recommend if you’re a fan of Micachu, Dean Blunt etc


Check out Center Of The Universe as well it’s incredible

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Another shite week!!
Got the Low album though so don’t need to listen to anything else really

about halfway through it and it’s pretty great. they’ve done urgent so well in places and lovely so well in others.

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