New music 10/08/18


about halfway through it and it’s pretty great. they’ve done urgent so well in places and lovely so well in others.


Got The Beths album winging it’s way to me care of Norm Records, can’t wait to get hold of it - been battering the singles for weeks now.


Excellent album on first listen. I’ve just bought a ticket for their Sebright Arms gig in November.


Kathryn Joseph and Tomberlin are both excellent.


That Tomberlin LP’s one of the most complete records i’ve heard this year.

Lovely stuff.


Might want to check out Sun June then


Playing Manchester as well…might head down for that if they don’t come up to Scotland.


There’s a new Moses Sumney EP which is pretty intricate and intense. Excited to see where his next album goes


Foxing. Can’t wait to bash it in my ears. Singles have been really fantastic, much stronger than their previous offerings.


Just given “Future me, hates me” by The Beths a play… Some excellent jangly indie pop. Will listen again.


Was lucky enough to get an early copy of the Tomberlin record for a review I was doing…it is indeed excellent. Produced by Owen Pallett too. Gonna check out Kathryn Joseph and fixing too. Read some good reviews of hilang child too so will check it out as well


Kathryn Joseph mainly today, but also enjoyed Tirzah’s.

Will line up Tomberlin and Moses Sumney. Thanks all!


Just gave this a listen. Really good Goldflakepaint-core.




Some record shops already have the new Roy Montgomery album (Boomkat and Resident) but others say it’s out next week and the digital version is definitely out next week. If you want to hear it anyway, it’s on NPR:


I downloaded it from her Bandcamp when it was released last year, but I think she took it down shortly afterwards when she was signed to a proper label. I quite enjoyed the Owen Pallett touches, although I should have another listen to it again.
I’m definitely looking forward to listening to the new Kathryn Joseph album anyhow - I loved her debut to pieces.


he’s rerecorded this?! I thought he’d officially retired Giant Sand or something?


@noise_ramones: more indefinite hiatus than retired. And yes, Giant Sand returns - supposedly touring behind the Valley of Rain re-recording. Explanation here from the man hisself:


My good friend Jamie Scott (a.k.a Carbs/MC Almond Milk) put out this really excellent record about the Glasgow Garden Festival although it goes deeper into him relationship with the city and why it can be a frustrating place to live etc. It’s very good! He’s playing at Glad Cafe tonight to launch it:


That Kathryn Joseph album really is something. Admittedly listening to it for the first under a starry sky looking over the Atlantic helps, but if White Chalk era Polly or Pyramid song style Radiohead is your thing you’ll absolutely love this.