New music 10/08/18


Yeah kathryn joseph is the best. Missed out on tramway tickets though :frowning: probably have to go to the edinburgh gig.


Ace - right up my street


This Delta Sleep record is absolutely phenomenal


The Trippie Redd album is fascinating and intermittently brilliant. Nominally a hip hop album but just often comes across as ultra-futuristic R&B or a kind of auto-tuned digital emo. It’s scattershot and doesn’t always work but it has a level of bravery, emotional honesty and musical ambition that you don’t find in much traditional ‘indie’ music at the moment.


This is pretty great, feels like the most fleshed-out version of this sound that I’ve heard.


It’s fascinating how the mixtape culture around hip hop seems to given artists the freedom to be wildly experimental. So long as they deliver the odd crowd friendly hit they seem to have the licence to do more or less anything with the rest of the tracks on the album. It’s got straight hip hop on it, but also tracks that sound like a distorted Frank Ocean and other that are clearly more influenced by Nirvana than by any rap album. It’s a really exciting and vibrant scene.


Yeah I was going to say a lot of the instrumentals sound like something from Blonde, just taken in a totally different direction. Thanks for the heads up!


Yeah - really liking the sound of this. Great shout. I know a lot of it is the simple economics of how easily a hip hop artist can record these days, but I can’t help but wish some contemporary bands had the same outlook (and hitrate).


Odetta Hartman - Old Rockhounds Never Die

Enjoying this one a lot


I think part of it is that the economics of what they are doing doesn’t require them to ‘sell’ an album in the old fashioned sense. They make their money from having two or three big tracks - either their own or even a big guest slot - and from the way they can exploit the profile that gives them. That, coupled with, as you say, the technology that allows them to record cheaply, gives them the freedom to do what they want on their albums. Everyone streams the albums (mostly you can’t buy them anyway) so they are low risk.

You’re dead right that a lot of people making supposedly ‘alternative’ music could learn a lot from them.

There’s loads of fascinating music being made by artists associated with hip hop, however loosely. Another brilliant and innovative album (completely different from Trippie Redd) is Whack World by Tierra Whack - 15 perfect songs, all different from each other, each with a fantastic video and each precisely 1 minute long. One of the best things out this year.


The Kathryn Joseph album is absolutely stunning… Definitely an AOTY contender for me (albeit based on just a handful of listens so far)


Only listened to it once so far and I think it will take some unravelling. Her debut is one of the best albums of the last ten years though, so I’m sure it’s great.


It’s astonishingly good. Can’t stop listening to it.


That track ‘We have been loved by our mothers’ is just heartbreakingly stunning. I can’t get it out of my head.


Safe is brilliant too - the whole second side is really strong.


This new Foxing album is for fans of Brand New. Genuinely. @Antpocalypsenow et al


So many stand outs already, Tell My Lover is chillingly beautiful.


Not sure I can get on with these vocals…


The one track I heard sounded like a bit of a shit emo take on TV on the Radio


How is this then?