New music 10/4. Is it a good Friday?

Just the Midwife ep for some lovely shoegaze action.

How about you?


Laurel Halo and I guess The Strokes

Hamilton Leithauser and Laura Marling are highlights for me. Will give a listen to Trace Mountains (Dave Benton from LVL UP) as well.

Hamilton Leithauser album is lovely


Excited for the EP from Do Nothing (post punk / vibes, lead singer has a bit of the James Murphy in his style)

Will give Laura Marling a blast too

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Laura Marling for sure, the first single was really good. Also, enjoyed The Strokes songs I have heard so will pop into that.

Also looking forward to Jackie Lynn - Jacqueline (Circuit Des Yeux side project, sounds like an electronic disco with Hayley Fohr playing a modern day cowboy in the USA. Love everything Fohr does so excited to hear this one).

New Flat Worms album too. Good garage punk stuff (not sure if right descriptor haha).


DJ Python has a new one out for the ultra-minimal-melodic-techno-headz out there


Yeah, heard it in on the way to work just now. It’s excellent.


I’m here for this. Just about to dive in.

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Hamilton Leithauser
The Strokes
Laura Marling
Laurel Halo

Can anyone whose heard the laurel halo please confirm if she sings on it or not? Love her production but her vocals make me want to throw things

But that’s the best part

I’m going to listen to it next, I’ll let you know

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Me throwing stuff is the best bit? Not if I’m stuck indoors for a month it isn’t!

Plus also thanks Ducky

It’s also a film score so it’s probably instrumental

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Hamilton Leithauser
Do Nothing EP

I thought the Pottery album was out today, obviously got that wrong.

Pottery is on the release list I saw too…wonder if it got pushed?

Laura Marling for me. A new Wished Bone EP seems to have appeared from nowhere too.

Have heard good things about the Flat Worms record…never heard them but read a review that mentioned FFO the cribs and mcclusky

Now June 26th according to their bandcamp

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