New Music 12/05/2017

Happy Paramore day! The singles have grown nicely on me, so I’m hopeful for the album.

Elsewhere, Girlpool are back, which is exciting, isn’t it?

Punk fans might enjoy The Dirty Nil’s reissue of early eps and suchlike

Speaking of ep’s, emo/indie bands Balance and Composure and Dikembe have both got eps out, the former following on nicely from the rather good album from last year, the latter featuring covers of Superdrag, Shellac, Pixies and Frank Ocean

No Omar Rodriguez Lopez album this week, so that’s about it from my short list.

What have y’all got?

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I’ve also got the Girlpool album lined up. Not sure I’ve ever listened to them before but they’re a name I’m familiar with. Also got the PWR BTTM album queued up (Last.FM tags: “queercore” “punk”) and the new one from Diagrams (Last.FM tags: “indie” “indie rock” “alternative” “electronic” “fip” “rock”, I don’t know what “fip” means).

After last week’s MEGA DROP, this week seems a little light.

oh yeah, I’d just noticed that PWR BTTM album was out. I’ll definitely give that a whirl.

not sure what fip is either, but I’m now eager to find out.


France Inter Paris (FIP) is a French radio network, founded in 1971. It is part of the Radio France group.
Join the FIP group on! :slight_smile:
Concept The concept behind FIP has scarcely changed since its founding: music interrupted by traffic updates and cultural information with a short news broadcast at 10 before the hour, with no advertising. The broadcasts are presented by live announcers from 7 am to 11 pm, after which a robot replays parts of the… read more

Biosphere - The Petrified Forest
Ambient - ethereal with gentle percussive elements and conversational snippets from old movies. Having not really clicked with Departed Glories last year, I was a bit apprehensive, but listened to it twice already this morning and it’s wonderful. Probably his best music since Shenzhou - just wish there were another 6 tracks!


I think that’s basically all I want from ambient music.


Milpool are back!

Just listened to the new Girlpool twice through. It’s much noisier but the intimate vocals still remain center of attention.

Album highlights: Corner Store, Soup, Static Somewhere & It Gets More Blue (which was easily my favourite of the three siingles)

I’ve got the Luke Sital-Singh album to review for this site (I’m late writing it, sorry) which is out today. It’s a really good album and quite a jump on from his excellent debut.

Think I’ll avoid the PWR BTTM album:


Paramore tackling sunny pop music vibes pretty well on first listen.

Any ‘indie’ rock stuff out? Guitars n’ that

What’s this Girlpool thing.

‘indie’ rock stuff.

k i’ll give it a go

just tried that new Pond album but it was boring

yeah, I tried that last week and instantly forgot it and there was too much stuff out alongside it to go back to it. PLus they clash with Junun at Primavera, so I’ve got little reason to get into them right now.

Really enjoying the new Girlpool. I’d probably have liked more quieter songs, but this certainly does the job. Soup, 123, Static Somewhere being the highlights for me.

Ahm oot.


There’s a new Woods album plus an album by a band called Feature which “features” someone from Sauna Youth (fuzzy guitars basically).

New Jackson - From Night to Night.

if anyone remembers David Kitt, he’s now making electronic music under this name, he’s put out a few EPs over the last couple of years but this is the first full length. the title track is brilliant.

(actually pretty sure he’s got another album under his own name on the way as well which must be the first in a few years)

I gave this a spin on Friday - wasn’t overly enamoured with it. Is it worth repeated listens?