New music 14/02 Valentine's Day edition

What you got today?
Not much for me.

Tame Impala. Not really a fan of them tbh so will be watching this thread with keen interest for other recommendations.

Yeah, I’ll give Tame a listen, but I’m not excited. Will also give the new Summer Camp and The Men albums a blast, see what they’re like.

There’s an album by Habibi, who are in the vein of Tacocat, Bleached etc, although imo a bit more chilled out. Sounds really nice so far :slight_smile:

Oh wait this might have come out last week, lol

Tame Impala new one has not grabbed me

New one from The Men is great

Gonna listen to Grawlix, lovely band from Derby who I’m seeing tomorrow. Not sure what the new album will sound like but I’m sure it’ll be full of psych-tinged pop goodness



Tame Impala,
Beach Bunny ? (More Primavera “research”))

Tame Impala seems better than I was expecting it to be after one listen

Will listen to Tennis letter, their stuff is usually good and the songs released prior have been solid

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Oh, Tennis has a new album out? Great! Didn’t really get into the last album but will definitely check it out.

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Looking at suggested new albums:

Tame Imapala, Tennis, King Princess, Bambara, The Men, Post Animal, Ash, Ryuichi Sakamoto, David Gray, Moses Boyd, Lee Ranaldo, Gregory Porter, Beach Bunny, Summer Camp, Matilda Mann, Nathaniel Rateliff, Justin Bieber, Kvelertak , Katie Gately, Puss n Boots

… yeah not great is it?

I’ll do my thing and listen to all the ones they recommend me up until a name I know I dont have any interest in (Ash)

Got Dark Matter by Moses Boyd on at the moment. Enjoyable if you’re into the London jazz scene. Driven by the drumming as you’d expect. Maybe the emphasis on groove means the compositions aren’t quite as good as some other people’s records he’s been on? Still decent though.

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Nathaniel Rateliff - few albums in pretty decent americana stuff


Beach bunny - dead cool female indie stuff (give it a go!)

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oh the Ash record is a best of? Guess I’ll listen to it then


Actually everyone listen to beach bunny - its great


Yeah it’s on my recommended stash the AI threw at me. I’m picking ones that humans here are backing up and I’ll deffo give it a whirl. In fact I’ll listen to it first



Ooh, new Katie Gately!

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I’ll put it in the list