New Music 19/05/2017

I’m a big fan of the new Bullet Height (Jon from Pure Reason Revolution and Sammi Doll) album. Really cool stuff.

not listened to him in ages

What is aldous Harding like?

Didn’t realise that was out today. I’ll give it a listen.

Listening now, and it is terrific stuff (if you like “gothic-folk” singer-songwriter fare). And it seems that I do. She’s new to me. So, thanks ‘Shoebox1976uk’ for the heads up.

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How come some new stuff doesn’t appear in the ‘New’ bit on Spotify?

e.g. the new At The Drive In was on there straight away, but you had to go to their page to find it.

Dunno about that, but I always look at this on a weekly basis. Doesn’t have everything, and it doesn’t work as a recommendation tool.

New Murlo EP is very good.

@Twinkletoes this Chino Amobi record is a monster! Good shout man.

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This is really good.

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Yup. “You’re listening to Chino Am O bi!” :grinning: Feels like the record might physically fall apart at any time but somehow it stays glued together.
Gonna whack it on after lunch.

S’long though, maybe slightly too long but there’s a lot to love in there.

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This is why my likes given-to-received ratio with you is hovering around 2:1. You could have kicked this a like, but nooooooo, you had to go and write a post instead. And I’m going to kick that post a like because, well, I agree with it. You’ll like this post and probably also post a friendly response, which I’ll subsequently like because it’ll be amusing and/or apologetic. And there you have it, one like for me, two for you, the big wheel keeps on turning.

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Alright, Tina Turner.


Really like that song.

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It’s great innit!

This new (Sandy) Alex G album is excellent, weekends listening sorted :grin:

They also do it as a playlist, which is basically where I find everything. They add albums that have been reviewed on different sites, including DiS. The ATDI album was on there, @Mistersteve:

Surely Massive Attack?

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The new Pretend record came out digitally on Friday. It’s crazy good.