New music 21/5

What’s out today?

I have the new Gary Numan. Hopefully he had kept up the run of great albums he’s been on for the last 18 or so years.


Billie Marten and Fiddlehead for me.


We’ve got a cracking ambient album from Andrew Tasselmyer on Disintegration State. Delicate piano, warped and stretched into new sublime forms.

Also available as a lovely looking cassette


As above Billie marten

Plus lambchop

Gruff Rhys

Max Richter

Mdou Moctar! The Tuareg Hendrix


No idea what Roddy woomble is up to these days but will give this a go

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Holiday Ghosts - North Street Air

Slacker indie pop

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Excited for this!

Just got a notification that there was a new Fragile X release too. Had a look and it’s a compilation of tracks that have appeared on other compilations and some unreleased stuff… and what do you know, his remix of my track is on there! Nice surprise for a Friday morning


Georgia Anne Muldrow - VWETO III

Instrumental soul jazz from the prolific and righteous artist also named Jyoti, as bestowed by family friend Alice Coltrane.


Oh is that today? Nice!

Colleen - The Tunnel and the Clearing.

One of my favourite artists, been looking forward to this for a while.


Charles - Let’s Start A Family Tonight
Solo artist from LA, dream pop sorta stuff

Mr Ben & The Bens - Melody Shed
New EP of indieness

BSI - Sometimes Depressed…But Always Antifascist
Lo-fi indie rock

Going to give 偏執症者 (Paranoid)'s new one a go. They’re a Swedish d-beat band. If you don’t know what that means (I barely do), just think of a mix of punk and metal with a sort of retro tinge. Their last album was great…

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Live recording of Jaimie Branch’s Fly or Die albums on International Anthem


Had no idea they were still a going concern but Spotify suggested I listen to this new album of psych covers by Monster Magnet, so I’ll probably do that after I’m done rinsing the lovely new Gruff Rhys album.

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It’s very good! Wow. What the fuck.

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Yeah that’s a good release. He’s got loads of other deep cuts that are missing too…

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He’s a friggin genius, don’t know how he comes up with so much brilliant and varied stuff (AND finds the time to run the label and everything else)


This is a good follow up to The Deluder! Architecture in LA is very good!

Yeah this is nice.

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Is this a new Burial single?

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