New music 25/03/22

Will get this in before the inevitable @1101010 reply…but there are also plenty of excellent all female acts in Sydney actually.

I do consider doing some sort of rolling Australian music thread as there is so much stuff but would imagine it would be of interest to about twelve people.


Haha, was meant more of a general comment then a reply. I know you’re a man of fine tastes.

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Please do it. There’s quite a few here that’ll love a thread like that.


Would be well up for this. I love pretty much everything that Al Montfort and/or Mikey Young have been involved in - Total Control, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Terry, Dick Diver, The UV Race etc.

And then of course there’s my favourite band of the past 5 years or so, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - but I guess most people know them already!


Oh mate. That opening paragraph :heart_eyes:

(And the second. Off to see them twice in Sydney. And maybe in London - with Stella Donnelly supporting!)

Ok you have twisted my arm :wink:


Non-Australian chat

New Cassandra Jenkins single for Secretly Canadian anniversary

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Get Well Soon - Amen

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i dont know her mariah carey GIF


By far my most anticipated album of the week is the new Guerilla Toss. Zany, colourful, a bit all over the place experimental rock and synthpop:

Also looking forward to listening to the new Ibibio Sound Machine for some energetic, funky and synthy afrobeat:

Meditative progressive electronic from Croatian Amor:

Ambient soundscapes from the Three Trapped Tigers man:

Spacey, euphoric psych-rock from the very underrated Asteroid No. 4:


oooooo new Croatian Armor, niiiice!!

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Third spin today for the new Camp Cope, it’s so fucking good and a bit of a shift as well.

Good interview with them here:

All about the new Destroyer for me today.


Some excellent experimental punk and hardcore out today, which perhaps deserves a better description, but I don’t have one.


Loads of cool stuff out today outside of big hitters mentioned like Aldous, Denzel, Guerilla Toss, Ibibio Sound Machone. Glad I’ve got the day off

Md. After Hussain & PAQ - Matir Gaan
Bangladeshi trad meets peaceful Italian synth

El Khat - Albat Alawi Op​.​99
Yemeni jams on homemade instruments

Ian Noe - River Fools & Mountain Saints
Country folk, the good kind, from a fella I saw support Colter Wall, and who will probs appeal to fans of him

Sly5thAve & Roberto Verástegui - Agua de Jamaica
Lush jazzy beats with synths and pan-American influences

Terry Riley & Bang On A Can All-stars - Autodreamographical Tales
Tez reads his dreams over intricate mood pieces

Branko Mataja - Over Fields And Mountains
New comp for Yugoslavian guitar wizard of nostalgic melody


Sara Dziri - Close to Home

Ambient techno from Brussels, with bits of Tunisian instrumentation and influence going on.


Enjoying Guerilla Toss first go round A LOT. Playful dancey indie rock/pop/punk woth plenty of fuzz groove and sugary hooks

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Various Artists - fabric presents Leon Vynehall

Bits of garage, trance, hip-hop, breakbeat and allsorts in this selection.


The Mary Veils - Esoteric Hex

Garage rock from Philadelphia, produced by Cory Hanson of Wand.


Selah Sue - Persona

Belgian neo-soul

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