New music 25/10

Busy, busy day for me starting with Alcest.
What you got folks?

Just Kanye for me.


Lankum and Neil Young lined up so far.


Alcest and that album that Kanye is 100% dropping today

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Sunn 0)))
Neil Young


Not going to get the chance to listen to anything, Kanyes new album is out today, and that’s all I’ll listen to. And nothing else until then

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Anna Meridith!


Swans for that apocalyptic goodness.
Great Grandpa which is probably going to be amazing judging by the singles. Out on Double Double Whammy.
And very intrested in Konradsen as well.


Kany… err, listening to the radio, I guess.

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Along with @dresi, Great Grandpa. Will also give Lankum (gothic folk apparently) and Dry Cleaning a go, plus whatever this thread chucks up

Norma Jean!! I am beyond excited. I’m waiting to able to give the speakers some volume…

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Couple I’ll be giving a go today

New one from Steve Hauschildt which I’m really looking forward to

New Desert Sessions is out today too - got a feeling I’m either going to really love it or really hate it. Love all the older Desert Sessions records and most QOTSA but something about the production on anything Josh touches recently does my head in.

Edit: added YouTube vids because I always find it useful when people describe stuff or put a song up so I know if I’d be interested. Haven’t listened to either of these myself yet!

Little Scream, Larry Gus, and Lankum are the new releases that have popped up on my Spotify. All the L’s!

Konradsen and Great Grandpa are both GREAT tips, thanks!!

Neil and the Horse is tops!!

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Today is a beast!

Most excited for Black Marble (gothy snythpop). All the singles have been bangers:

Teebs (electronic), I hadn’t heard of this till the PF review but the preview tracks have been lovely:

Tempers (more dark synthpop). From Dais Records which have become a really solid label, with Hide, Cold Showers, Drab Majesty, SRSQ:

Consumer (moody slow metal) containing one member of Have A Nice Life plus the HANL live band. So probably already on the radar of @static and @anon96483921!

Aaand I finally got round to Clipping’s new one. They recently posted this video which is v good:


Stuck on a family break, so anything I want to listen to whilst out and about today (Alcest, Swans, Anna Meradith and Cigarettes After Sex) will get a collective “Booooooo” from all, sadly. Hopefully I can find some me-time at some point

On any other day a Swans release would be my main focus but ZONAL is finally out so it’s all about hearing Kevin Martin and JK Broadrick back together again wooohooo


Ooh that clipping. track/video is awesome

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I think only Black Marble and Dry Cleaning for me today.