New music 25/10

Starting with Alcest for my nice emotional French metal sounds. I love their last album so excited for this.

Everything else has been mentioned in the thread I will try, just wana highlight Frances Quinlan (from Hop Along) had a single out this week for a solo album if anyone missed it.


it wasn’t! thank you for bringing to my attention, I’ll listen today.

I :heart: The Flenser

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Can’t wait to listen to that Keaton Henson album (on a dog walk, of course). A melancholic orchestral symphony based upon the physical symptoms of anxiety? Sign me up

I can take or leave most of NY’s lyrics these days but always fun to hear him and Crazy Horse going at it. Sounds almost live as well.

Didn’t realise Dry Cleaning had something else out so will have a listen later.

Lankum and Mikal Cronin for me

New Cigarettes After Sex, Editors greatest hits and new Pet Shop Boys single for me today.

Might try the swans album. Hadn’t listened to them for the last three years due to the allegations against Michael Gira, but I’ve just read up on what came out since as I was surprised Baby Dee would work with him after getting a pr release through. Not sure what to make of it. Might not be the thread for it.

Excellent! Didn’t know he had a new one.

This and Swans for me then.

Just Swans as Anna Meredith is now next week and FKA Twigs is 8th November. And Sunn O))) is vinyl/digital only so will listen to that on Spotify

Ooh didn’t know Black Marble was out. The Hemlock Ernst (aka Sam Herring from Future Islands) / Kenny Segal record is out too.

I am also torn about this

Same here. Also Wolves Like Us

Anna Meredith, Dry Cleaning, The Vegan Leather and Mr Ben & the Bens please.

Alcest obvs, but also some other tasty black metal releases today -

The Great Old Ones
Dawn Ray’d

dawn ray’d - excellent :metal:

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Excellent new single out from Moses Boyd today too

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'kin hell, Sawbones is a hell of a way to start this Anna Meredith album, feel both pumped and anxious haha.

Yeah that Teebs album is delish. Nice to listen to on an autumnal walk I suspect. In fact that’s my lunchtime listening sorted.

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Colleen has an EP of live re-workings of some tracks from her last LP.

Free/payw download:


haven’t seen this description of them before, they’re more just Irish trad folk in sound but with lots of darkness and death in the lyrics recently and lots of long drones. saw them last night and the new stuff sounds really good.