New music 29/11/19 COME ON MOTHER****ERS!!

Has this not been started yet?

Flaming Lips for me today Clive.

According to this, there’s absolutely nothing new that I want to listen to today. Relying on this thread to suggest anything

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It’s thanksgiving so there won’t be much out

What have the Flaming Lips got out? Been a bit underwhelmed by their recent albums.

Prince - 1999 is about all I’ve got today.


It’s the Soft Bulliten live. They’ve edited most of Wayne’s between song bullshit out so it’s amazing.
Was trying very hard not to sing along on my commute this morning.


new joe pesci is :fire:

Think that’ll be us until 2020 really.

The new Gnoomes EP was pretty good, there’s one from YOWL too, but don’t think there are any full length albums for me today - maybe the latest Stereolab re-issue

Good new single from Pictish Trail too.

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Postman just delivered this. New JME, yes mates!

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Jack penate - after you is out today which I’m tentatively interested in hearing.
It’s been 10 years since everything is new, but at the time I liked it.

Looking forward to The Flaming Lips live album and the 1999 reissue. That’s about it.


There’s a Paradise Lost live album from 1995 released today! :open_mouth:

There’s new Action Bronson and MIKE albums out today, Omar Souleyman too.

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Susanne Sundfør - Music For People In Trouble: Live from the Barbican and the new clipping. EP is about it

Going to mention Tune Yards Sorry to Bother You OST even though the digital release was apparently way back in April.

Ambient/drone/modern comp. stuff:

Forest Management- After Dark
Rafael Toral- Constellation in Still Time


Another great release from MIKE, really dig the atmosphere that he creates on this and on Tears of Joy. Really dig his style! Cheers for mentioning it as I had no idea another album was coming…

Bronson was last week. It’s good though so good to get it bumped.

The new Avslut and Howling North albums will be getting a listen

New LP from Grant for the electronically minded. Cranks was a great album from a few years back. Described on their Bandcamp as “LA House”, I like the samples they use, nothing new but good imo.