New music (and hats) from jamiroquai


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Remember when that photographer headbutted him

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I’m in.

Very short.

i’m guessing it’s not the whole album but it’s be pretty revolutionary if it were

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Pretty fun Daft Punk fetishism, innit.

I’m definitely on board with the new hat

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properly, properly terrible. excellent work jaykay.

Not as terrible as I was expecting it to be

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On the very first listen I found myself singing the coda to Madonna’s Like a Prayer over that chorus

strange song in that it doesn’t seek to hide the joins between parts

totally conventional in every other way - wonder why he’s come back with this. Must have scratched one of his Lamborghini’s and it was either Automaton or Celebrity Big Brother

How else is he supposed to show off his new hat??


This is incredible. I’d always been rather curious as to what life as an Automaton would be like. I have to say I definitely feel a lot more clued up now.

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The rap bit is terrible, but the hat is amazing. It moves! From 90s Jamiroquai hat to Sonic the Hedgehog and back!

why does he break into Wham Rap

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Better than the new Arcade Fire


Hat looks like a mix between a Transformers head and a Jellyfish.

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This is good

Apart from the Wham Rap bit