New music FriYAY 31/03/23

Starting this very early as I’m still up and there’s a load of stuff coming out today that I wanna listen to!

London Brew - London Brew

Reimagining of Miles Davis’ jazz fusion classic featuring some of Londons best jazz players. AOTY contender for me.

Eddie Chacon - Sundown

The Eddie from Charles & Eddie releases his 2nd album on Stones Throw with John Carroll Kirby producing again. Recently got into his last one, hyper for this.

B.Cool-Aid - Leather Blvd.

Collaboration between rapper pink siifu and producer Ahwlee on Lex Records.

Caixa Cubo - Agora

Brazilian jazz trio. Been meaning to check them out for a while now, will definitely give it a spin


No links here yet but very much looking forward to the new Boygenius and Deerhoof records.


James Holden - Imagine This Is a High Dimensional Space of All Possibilities
I’ve only heard one track but based on his previous work I’m expecting a blend of IDM and progressive electronic. Really looking forward to this.

Ambassade - The Fool
Dutch cold wave/minimal wave type stuff. Really enjoyed the previous album in 2019 and some singles that have released since. Looks like a few are on this album.

Tzusing - 绿帽 Green Hat
Industrial techno? I’ve only heard a few songs from them in the past, never a full LP.

Tyler, the Creator - CMIYGL: The Estate Sale
New edition with 8 unreleased tracks from the same sessions.


Happy boygenius day!

boygenius - the record


Maybe today will be the day I find out what boygenius sound like.


Am super excited to hear the boygenius record.

Alongside that we’ve got Lies, the record from two of the American Football chaps. Not listened to it but am expecting beautifully sung emo and maybe a bit of electronica.


Katie Gately - Fawn/Brute

Experimental musician, a lot going on here but could be a very interesting onE…

PACKS- Crispy Crunchy Nothing

Indie rock

Höhn - S/T

Icy house music from a young Canadian producer


New one from The Hold Steady

It’s their ninth album so you probably already know if you like them or not but FFO wordy rock music, Springsteen, Replacements, etc


Ooooh forgot about this! Let me know what it’s like please. Reticent to go in on another hour + jazz album while I’m still digesting Angel Bat Dawid from last week!

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I was so excited for James Holden and totally not disappointed - it’s brilliant. Very clever, but also very organic.

Nice RA review too.


New Altin Gun finally out, closer to their first two albums’ psych folk sound than the synthy stuff on Yol.


Zaho of Sagazan - La symphonie des éclairs
I’ve really liked the couple of singles I’ve heard, so was really looking forward to this debut album, and it sounds really good so far. French singing, atmospheric moody electronics. Really looking forward to going back to it to give it a proper listen.

Kalia Vandever - We Fell In Turn
“We Fell In Turn is the solo debut from Brooklyn-based trombonist, composer, and quartet leader Kalia Vandever. Vandever, who plays with Harry Styles and Japanese Breakfast, “sculpts her trombone’s golden tones into dazzling compositions” (Pitchfork), writing music that tends to “dip you into a feeling or a pattern or a breathing speed, and keep you there” (The New York Times).”
Didn’t think I wanted a trombone album, but it sounds like maybe I did!

David Kitt - Idiot Check
I loved his first two albums (20= years ago!). Irish singer-songwriter, nice to hear his voice again.

Colombre - Realismo Magico In Adriatico
Italian singing and big strings and sumptuous sounds, an Italian version of chamber pop maybe. Sounds nice.

Nakhane - Bastard Jargon
South African musician, has Perfume Genius guesting on one song and Nile Rodgers on another. Definite Perfume Genius vibes from what I’ve heard so far.

Martin Kohlstedt - Feld
First of three neo-classical type artists here. He’s been great when I’ve seen him live, Hauschka-like dramatic piano and electronics.

Alexandra Streliski - Neo-Romance
Montreal based minimalist piano instrumentals.

Mammal Hands - Gifts From The Trees
Saxophonist/pianist/percussionist trio, neo-classical folky jazzy instrumental tunes.


Samiam - Stowaway
First album in twelve years. Either 90s pop punk tinged emo or emo tinged pop punk. They sound kind of like late period Jawbreaker.


Some new pornographers to add to the list:

Believe Bejar is back in the fold for more power pop action.


Punk Rock Factory - It’s Just A Stage We’re Going Through
Skate punk covers of show tunes. Feels like band has released about fifty albums and four times as many t shirts in the last eighteen months and honestly, fair play to them for milking the cash cow while they can.

Marta and Tricky - When It’s Going Wrong

Minimalist trip hop, maybe? Tricky working with Polish vocalist Marta Złakowska on this album of smoky downbeat electronica.

IST IST - Protagonists

Manchester band with their third album of quite Joy Divisiony post-punk.

Various Artists - fabric presents Chaos In The CBD

House. Very excited by this compilation.
“The duo’s strong grasp of house music history makes this compilation essential listening. The first time almost half of the music is available digitally, from sought after vinyl to pulling from a DAT tape, compiling it was a musical expedition and fabric’s most challenging licensing project to date. Creating a tunnel between 1990 to 2007, the mix is a timeless listen, condensing the ebbs, flows, gear changes and the feelings that surface during an all-night set experience in 80 mins”.

Rachel Baiman - Common Nation of Sorrow

Americana singer-songwriter. Sounds promising so far.

Random Fact - Deluded EP

Deep house EP on Johannesburg label Just Move Records.


Ballaké Sissoko, Vincent Segal, Emile Parisen & Vincent Peirani - Les Égarés
Words stolen from the Guardian’s review:
“This stellar quartet, featuring kora, cello, accordion and saxophone, channel a multitude of influences to irresistible effect”
“There are reflective pieces – Sissoko’s Ta Nyé and Banja bookend the record in flurries of kora – but more typical is the group’s reworking of the late Joe Zawinul’s Orient Express, while on Esperanza the quartet seem to be channelling a drunken Colombian cumbia. Although inflected by various accents – there’s a Balkan feel to Izao, a touch of John Coltrane to Parisien’s sax – this is truly fusion music.”

Trad.Attack! - Bring It On
Estonian alt-folk, featuring a Georgian vocal choir on one track. Quite upbeat catchy Estonian fun.

Matt Elliott - The End Of Days
Came across him from someone in DiS Music League. Intriguing neo-folk kinda sound, with saxophone and woodwind.

Chris Hyson - Sidekick
Multi-instrumentalist, upbeat kinda tunes, with guest singers on some of the tracks.


Wacław Zimpel - Train Spotter

Forward-thinking Polish clarinetist/composer follows up collaborations with James Holden and Shackleton with a solo album which incorporates the sounds of the city of Warsaw with his electronic manipulation and experimental woodwind tones.


Just stuck the new Declining Winter album on, perfect for this rainy March morning. The Declining Winter is basically Richard Adams who used to be in Hood with his brother vocalist Chris Adams. If you like Hood’s more quieter, Talk Talkier folkier moments then this will be right up your street. Beautiful.



Larry June & The Alchemist - The Great Escape

Looking forward to this, features include Action Bronson, Evidence, Boldy James, Slum Village, Joey Bada$$ & Curren$y.

Zeelooperz - Microphone Fiend

New project from the Bruiser Brigade member.