New music from Bamnan

Hi everybody,

I’ve written a couple of new songs on the theme of flight

I hope you like them!




Cheers :blush:

bump for the saturday folks!

aw thank you :slight_smile:

I have been trying to experiment with mic placement, think I found a really sweet spot, bout a cock’s length away from the bridge and pointing slightly at the soundhole.

Acoustic guitars are tricky to get right, especially when you don’t have an expensive sound-proofed room.

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also it’s about this:


now downloadable if anyone’s interested.

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:heart: :heart: :heart:

thanks :slight_smile:

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This is really great stuff - again!

You’re an intimidatingly talented man, Bam.

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ah that’s such bull but thank you anyway xx

nice one bud. that first track reminds of bill fay a bit, do you like him?

never heard of, will have to see if there’s any on spotify.

think i was thinking of this track cause of the lead, idk maybe not

enjoyed them both anyway

this sounds awesome! Sadly my hair isn’t too far off either

sounds good, too much hair is preferable to not enough imo

it’s a really good album, all biblical and apocalyptic and then there’s a song about teddy bears. proper love the guitar playing on it - had a look what else the guitarist had played on and he did the theme tunes to a load of 90s detective series like touch of frost and bergerac. which is nice.

sounds like a fun gig if you can get it, I would love to do some sneaky theme tunes.