New music releases - Friday 5 June 2020

No Age
LA Priest

But…what else?

Rolling Blackout C.F’s new one is out today. Proper good jangly music. Well recommended.


Can’t wait to get lost in Roly Porter’s latest one. Stuff I’ve heard so far is his usual amalgam of cavernous dark ambient noise, hissing electronics and strings.

Also No Age.


Really looking forward to an album from Soft Plastics, Carey Mercer’s new band (Frog Eyes, Swan Lake).

Muzz, a new project from Paul Banks, Josh Kaufman and Matt Barrick is also out.

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As mentioned…


Rolling Blackouts CF
What I’ve heard so far sounds great so I’ll be giving that a play later.

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NO AGE :maté:

JME has put Grime MC on Spotify etc, seems it was on iTunes feom Jan.

Jeeze. Spotify thinks I want to listen to a NOFX vs Frank Turner release :face_vomiting:


Tenci - My Heart is An Open Field. Sparse/brooding country/folk. Signed to Keeled Scales. FFO Big Thief/Vera Sola etc


That’s a name I’ve not heard in years!

Came out last Friday, actually! It’s really good…


GoGo Penguin- Self-Titled (jazz)
Roly Porter- Kistvaen
Colin Stetson- Barkskins (National Geographic Original Series Soundtrack)

58978012- Milestone
Purl- Renovatio
Helm- Saturnalia
Sean McCann, Matthew Sullivan, Alex Twomey- Saturday Night

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There’s fundraising compilation out today in support of The Moon in Cardiff - 31 tracks of electronica from ambient to techno to house to whatever other electronic genres there are, I’ve no idea tbh.

Put together by our own @SunnyB featuring a couple of tracks from him, a couple of tracks from me, and a bunch of tracks from some ace folks from across South Wales. Well worth a listen imo.


I think Modern Nature have a new one out? Jockstrap too. Not had a chance to scan the new release list properly but they’ll both get a listen.

got a link?

That white space is where it should be. Why isn’t that working?!

I see it now, thanks!

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Yeah I think it’s still on pre-order so I can’t do the embedding thing yet, had to change the link.

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Moor Mother & Nicole Mitchell - Offering

Philly-based noise artist, activist and wordsmith Moor Mother invited flutist, composer, poet and educator Nicole Mitchell for a performance at Le Guess Who 2018.

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