New music the 15/11. The Wasteland.

Nothing for me Clive, you?

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The other thread has a lot more Chris Kamara based excitement


Bonnie “Prince” Billy - I Made A Place: A very nice return, full of folky ballads and country bangers
Deliluh - Beneath The Floors: an excellent record of gloomy post-punk, FFO Ought and Protomartyr

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There’s a new Tindersticks album out today.

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That Bowie Space Oddity boxset is on Spotify… lots of unheard demos (some absolute inconceivable shit like When I’m Five among some real hidden gems) to give the once through.

Arthur Russell

Steve Hauschildt

A friend tipped me off about Deliluh recently. They sound ace. Playing at The Lanes in Bristol on Friday, FOR FREE!

That’s the most unashamedly Slint I’ve even heard a band that wasn’t Slint being…

I’m seeing Our Girl next month there. Have you been to the venue before? What’s it like?

Let me know what the venue’s like if you can please. I’d be interested.

Really? I was only getting a modicum of Slint. There are far more slavish Slint-a-likes out there.

That first track is Ultra Slint :smiley: