New Music vs Old Music

What percent of your time do you spend listening to new-ish releases vs old music?

And has that changed during the pandemic?

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Reckon 85/15 in favour of new music. And no not changed

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I’d say that’s about the same for me, but I probably listen to more new music since the start of the panny-d. Reckon it used to be more like 70/30.

Basically spend Monday to Thursday listening to my big current year playlist that I dump tracks into on shuffle (last year’s 35hrs long, currently this year’s is 4½hrs long) and then Friday to Sunday listening to new releases. There’s a smattering of older stuff in there, like I’m currently listening to Martha and Joanna Gruesome, but on the whole it’s all new music

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Less new music, more and more old

Think it’s more down to age and anxiety/ wanting the comfort of the familiar

I go to far more gigs of “new” music though, big established “old” music gigs are generally too expensive, too “in London”, too “in a shit air hanger venue”. Would rather see a band in their prime over someone doing the nostalgia thing, although it has its time and place

  • New music
  • Old music

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Article defines new music as music released in the past 18 months, and going by that definition, reckon I’m 90/10 old music (possibly even worse). Not really a familiarity / nostalgia thing for me though I don’t think. The majority of stuff I listen to is still ‘new’ to me, in that I’ve never heard it before, but it did first come out 5-55 years ago


I listen to music I think is new then check and it came out in 2005 and the last 17 years have just passed by in a flash and time is relentless and unending.


Seen so many mates get to a point where they almost entirely stop listening to any new bands / artists, and start banging on about how music is rubbish these days etc. Really hope that never happens to me


I still listen to ‘new’ stuff as well as buying ‘new’ abums and that but I’d say probably more old than new and there’s a few reasons:

  • I like to enjoy the music I love and already have. I like relaxing and putting a record on at the end of the day. The past two years has made me do this more often.

  • A lot of the new hyped bands (especially the UK based ones) do absolutely nothing for me, which leads into…

  • I often find stuff after its been out a little bit and dust has settles, hyperbole isnt really a factor and I filter out reviews and opinions to those I trust and I get some listening time myself to evaluate. A lot of the time albums that had no fanfare on release tend to reveal as utter gems.

  • The new vs old can be skewed because if I checkout a new album by a band and love it, I will then get stuck into their discography, tipping the scales to ‘old’.

  • Just because something is old, doesn’t mean its not new to me.

Old is gold baby!


About 90/10 in favour of new music, but I’d say 5% of the old music is in January when waiting for the new years releases to take off.


A few years ago I was listening to mostly old music. Then I started making more effort to keep up with new releases, and now I spend so much time listening to just-released stuff that when there’s nothing being released over Xmas I feel at a loss for what to listen to. Nearly everything I listen to now is from the last 5 years.

I think the change for me was after I got a job where I could listen to music while working so I actually had time for it. It didn’t take long to get bored of all my old favourites and want to seek out something new.


Half and half I think, more or less. Probably slightly in favour of old tunes because I’m not usually trying new stuff when I’m drinking or whatever.

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This is a good point


Last few years I’ve been 90/10 in favour of new music in terms of what I listen to and I’ve been spreading pretty wide in terms of genres, but this year I’m leveraging the good people of this parish to help me fill in the gaps on old music with the HGWTY threads helping introduce me to a lot of great stuff I’d never heard before

Also I started 2021 only listening to stuff released in 2021 whereas this year I’ve been also mostly listening to stuff released in 2021 because there was so much of it I liked that I didn’t give everything even one full spin let alone repeats, so I’m giving everything another go and I’m not even through June yet (I started at January in November).

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Yeah depends on what you define as new music. If it’s music I haven’t heard of before vs music I’m very familiar with, it’s probably 60/40. If it’s music from say the last 5 years vs everything before then, then 20/80.


It is nice to unearth gems from the past for sure, but I do like the idea of discovering active bands and supporting their careers, whilst getting the benefit / enjoyment of seeing them early and watching them develop. It’s like if I was going to buy some art, I’d be looking to buy it directly from a living, active artist

If you’re calling old as older than 18 months then yeah, way more old stuff. I still listen to a lot of new stuff, but I spend about 8 hours a day or more with music on. Most of that is favourites. There’s a lot of music in the world and I’ve built up a bit collection of stuff I like, I want to keep listening to it. If you call new anything within the last 5 years then yeah it’s more new than old.

Yeah to be fair almost every record I buy is from an active musical project or the person is at least still alive.
I’ve always gravitated to stuff that was released in my lifetime and that I can possibly see live. And generally acts who arent millionaires too. That’s a whole different topic but informs my habits probably.

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I listen to a fair bit of old music, but a lot of it is obscure stuff that I’ve discovered through samples, rather than a Tenth Anniversary Release of Some Album that wasn’t all that First Time Around.

But I also try and actively listen to new music too, and I set up a monthly playlist to collect new tracks I like and try and build the kind of memory association I have if I listen to older music and remember what I was doing when I was listening to that

That said, I can also be guilty of listening to old albums I’ve loved over the years, although most of that is listening to what I already own than buying reissues. I guess I’m about a third each in each these categories