New music, where you hear it, and the sources you trust.

Recently enjoyed the latest JPEGMEDIA album as recommended by someone on here, despite it making me feel like I had ADHD on the first listen.

Maybe should call the thread “stuff you haven’t heard before” as opposed to new music. Blogs that highlight rarities/ahead of their time stuff welcome.


6music in the evening (can’t listen in the day but Riley/Coe do a great job)
Hypem (very rarely but throws up the odd tune)
Gigs (support acts, local bands etc)

Not so keen on Pitchfork, haven’t been for a while.

Possibly a nostalgia thread for albums you bought on the basis of a review in print media. Bought Mogwai’s ‘Happy Songs For Happy People’ after reading a review in the NME.

Anyways, trusted sources for music - fire away.

@escutcheon’s Monday Graveyard podcast for ambient/electronica sort of stuff.

Some friends’ recs

I also use the Made for You section of Spotify and play the Release Radar and Discover playlists there. I should block more stuff to help it to hone down the recs I guess but I tend not to. Currently listening to someone called ‘The Quiet Temple’ as a result of that.

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The Friday new release and end of the month polls on here have become one of my main sources for finding completely new stuff to listen to.

I get weekly emails from some record shops that I trust (Norman’s and Monorail) that often alert me to interesting things.


Most of the time I find stuff by trawling through RYM charts. Having a critical eye and a curiosity about genres helps with this imo.

Will give Monday Graveyard a gander.

Never really got to grips with Spotify - not a technophobe by any means but there’s something about computer-generated recommendations that gives me Thom Yorke circa OK Computer angst.

After trying dozens of publications, aggregators etc. I think Pitchfork is the closest thing to be honest. 6Music also.

AOTY and RYM also decent for overviews of what to check out and tend to visit them regularly.

The Line of Best Fit is probably my second choice to P4K, but generally inflated reviews and there’s always the odd dodgy review that puts you off, the same with all online publications though as most writers are students and volunteers.