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I was in Folkestone the other week and I happened to come across this venue called Lime Bar which is amazing. Playing in this bar was an amazing band called Istanbul Hippodrome. You should really check out their stuff on Soundcloud. Very original a great night of beats and melodies.


Where else were Istanbul Hippodrome playing? Hoping for a gig closer to home


that’s a coincidence as i recently saw a band called Lime Bar playing in the Istanbul Hippodrome


Constantinople Circus tribute act?


it was a strange place to see something so refreshing. Not sure about any other dates
Im going to look further


Why not ask your son/pal/lover/brother/employer who is in the band and should have the info you require?


did they not serve pints?




They should have, it was Lime Bar after all


I wonder if they served JÄGermeister?


Early contender for POTW right there.


No, The Who are a different band and could no longer be described as ‘refreshing’ or ‘original’, and with no Keith their beats aren’t very great either.


I am sorry to hear this.


Istanbul Hippodrome










Oh, them. I hear they played the Lime Bar


Tash Sultana