New National teaser video marketing item

  1. Matt Berninger’s voice is a thing of beauty. One of the best Male voices going at the moment. Lots of great female vocals on the new record but definitely don’t diminish his voice. comparing them is apples and oranges really, don’t get why people are so hung up on it.

  2. Pink Rabbits is probably in the top 100 Songs of the Decade so definitely not overrated

  3. England is an exquisitely crafted song. Not their fault it received a modicum of crossover

  4. On first listen I Am Easy To Find sounds very nice. Probably the most consistently great since High Violet. Maybe misses a ‘banger’ like “The System Dreams…” or “Sea Of Love’

  5. I love The National


Sounded ok on first listen - kind of all blended into one, but then it is The National. Seemed to get better as it went on maybe? Will probably reveal itself over subsequent listens I guess.

Too long though - no one needs albums this long.

Trouble Will Find Me pulled me back in after High Violet left me cold, but SWB was a just a bit meh.


aye, quite strange to put their obviously best song at number 37


I seem to not really like a National album until the next comes out. listened to SWB a fortnight ago and thought, “nah, this is dull as fuck, never going to like this one.” Stuck it on today…and it’s started to grow on me. Given the new one a cursory listen too but don’t see any point listening again until the next comes out.


I love Matt Berninger’s voice too! I really like how worn and rich it sounds and its limitations are almost an advantage in his case.

However I think what’s happening on this record is that whilst the limited melodies really suit his voice, they sound dull with people who have a naturally greater range.

It’s also just kind of weird to me that such a sophisticated, melodically nuanced band have gotten loads of brilliant singers in and then just said “Can you just do the same melody as Matt, yeah? Nice one.”

Obviously going to give it a whole bunch more listens to see if it settles with me because I do think they’re ace.

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Gail Ann Dorsey has the best voice on there but I initially thought it was Ben Gibbard - check that bit when she comes in on You Had Your Soul With You. It’s so Death Cab.


Halfway through first listen, very pretty but a lot is just washing over me. But Where is Her Head is by far my favourite so far, feels like it best bridges all the sounded they’ve been going for since HV.

Also I love Matt’s voice but he can definitely sing in his higher register more, it’s a nice change

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Fully sold on this now. Really good stuff. LP is gorgeous too.

I love this band.


Ah, it’s a very beautiful record.


I really like the title track with Kate Stables

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Just finished my first listen. It’s long but I really don’t know what I would want them to cut? Thought it was excellent and exactly what my hungover mind needed this morning.

As lines go, ‘I’m binging hard on Annette Bening and listening to R.E.M. again’ is pretty great.


Watched the movie last night, quite brilliant. The album’s gone up a few notches since seeing it.
Particularly love So Far, So Fast and Light Years as stand alone tracks.

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Just watched the film. Crying

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Where do I find the film?


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It’s very…long eh over an hour, no one needs that

Quiet light is a killer


not that easy to find after all, eh?


This is a difficult one, I’m going to have to really persevere with this if I want to get anything out of it. There are one or two really nice songs but this is just way too long and not really getting anything out of it. Very much hope that changes over time.

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Not much grabbing me on the first listen


Think I’d like the drummer to calm down a bit