New National teaser video marketing item


you squares still not accepted that TWFM is their masterpiece?


If “masterpiece” is their fourth best album.


nutters - the lotta’ ya


Settle doon :wink:


It sounds like ‘lit up’ you mean,


I like it


Lit Up covered by U2 or something though. All the edges smoothed out.

This isn’t bad but the chorus feels like a cop-out, both lyrically and musically. Feels like they’re grabbing at low hanging melodies on this and to a lesser extent Guilty Party, ones which are too obvious to suit their sound and mood.


Yeah sure. I like it, it’s easily the catchiest thing on the album and it’s only really “fast one” on this album so it’s a nice break, although it’s the 2nd song


its definitely the weakest, but it’s not offensively bland. still massively rate the other 3


To me all the singles have sounded a bit lightweight but not bad. Kind of hilarious to hear them talk about this as a bold reinvention of their sound though!

As ever - I’m certain it will hang together much more enjoyably in album form, but it would be nice to be blown away by one or two of the tracks…

It’s the national, though, and I’m always weirdly underwhelmed by their singles at first before becoming obsessed.


It is a mostly electronic album so I guess for them that’s weird?


I guess so far those electronic elements have filled the same space as the horns/orchestral stuff on their previous releases, and not made a huge difference to their composition to my ear.

I put the four singles into a playlist this morning and, as expected, they sound so much stronger next to each other.


Yeah that’s a good way of looking at it actually


Only just got round to listening to Day I Die - really like it. Got high hopes for this album!


I’ve been trying not to hear the singles before the album is out but they played this when I saw them last year and it was great. High hopes for the album too.


Leaked, Two songs in and it’s predictably gorgeous so far.


Ah man, this is great. Some different sounding stuff on here for them. There are some gem lyrics jumping out already.

“There’s a line that goes all the way from my childhood to you”.

Seeing them for the first time on the 27th. Can’t wait.


I’m pretty sure 6Music said This Is The Kit are supporting on the upcoming dates, but I’ve not seen it confirmed anywhere online…


Barnes & Noble in USA are selling signed copies of the album. Shipping to UK is only $8.


Oh it’s just the London dates according to their website, oops. Then again why would anyone go to a gig outside of LONDON anyway