New National teaser video marketing item


First listen. It’s nice, I’m not sure I’m feeling their ‘radical departure’ tracks but I suppose they’re just a bit jarring at the moment.

I am HEAVY into Nobody Else Will Be There


It seems “fine” from a first once-through. Gonna have it on repeat all day to see how it grows innit.


My thoughts is that it isn’t a “radical” departure at all, not even close.

As someone said upthread the horns have just been supplanted with wee glitch ambient electronics. NO bad thing.

I dislike Turtleneck so much it really hurts the album for me. Goddam.

But the rest is pretty good. More immediate than I was expecting, and the singles slot in perfectly. Seems like a good album as a whole I think. Still, might be a bit long innit.


Enjoyed my first listen this morning - I plan on listening extensively over the weekend, when I’ll have a better opinion. Has anybody got the vinyl? Looks a lovely package - planning on nipping to HMV at lunchtime to pick one up.


Just listened to Turtleneck to see what all the fuss is about. The chorus sounds like Pulp.


One listen in. Don’t get the negative stuff about turtleneck tbh


Amazing track. Think it would be a better tindersticks track though


Agreed. Might even have been my favourite on first listen - sounds like an “Alligator” track imo. I can kind of appreciate the criticism that it doesn’t fit “sonically” with the rest of the album, but I thought it was a welcome break from some of the more meandering tracks.

“Dark Side of the Gym” is a really silly song title.


Would’ve said the album before it - can’t remember its name now


Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers? Yeah, can see that too. Definitely a bit of a throwback track.


Yeah, it’s a National album with some digital noises instead of strings or horns innit, I prefer the strings and horns on National albums rather than digital noises.




Don’t know what is says for guitar music when international soft band The National decide to rock out and everyone has a little cry about it?


Early highlights are Nobody Else Will Be There, I’ll Still Destroy You, Born to Beg…plus all of the singles which are solid.

I quite like Turtleneck…but it is an odd fit.

Can’t get into Sleep Well Beast (the song) or Dark Side of the Gym yet. Walk it Back is a nice idea but falls a little flat.


Sleep Well Beast is the huge standout for me, it’s one of the songs that feels most different from their usual style. Very few of their songs have ever been so sparse (the start of the track at least), the bass and drum interplay is brilliant and that lead guitar is beamed in from another song entirely and it works in every way.

Turtleneck might not be bad but it is out of sync with the mood of everything else. But only really misstep, everything else is somewhere between National by numbers and some of their best work.


First listen in, feels very solid.

About as enamoured with it as i was Trouble Will Find Me at first, but after multiple listens it proved clearly the best thing they’ve done bar the big two.



Turtlefuckinheadin’ morelike!


Really loving this. Still can’t get onboard with Turtleneck but everything else is lovely, even the ending which has so many great little sounds and moments.


Listened once and needed a little lie down. It’s very good.


Yeah I hope they don’t play Turtleneck, or Squalor Victoria, or Mr November, or All The Wine live EVER AGAIN. those songs would really bring the vibe of a gig down.