New National teaser video marketing item


Good write-up in the New Yorker (unsurprisingly). The description of Bryan’s drumming is particularly evocative…


I pre-ordered the limited blue vinyl and some how got two copies of LP1 and no LP2. Now got 4AD mugging me off over it!


That’ll be the limited ‘indies only’ version that I picked up from my local HMV then?


Definitely had to grow on me a lot more than the previous few but starting to come round to its greatness.


One and the same, my friend.


Went in without hearing any singles, on listen #3 right now. My first thought is that, with the exception of Guilty Party, it’s not as immediately melodic as the other albums. But I’m assuming it’s going to grow on me and things are going to start jumping out more, the difference between the third and first listens is already huge. Wouldn’t surprise me if it ends up being album of the year.

It kind of suddenly dawned on me yesterday, they’ve basically been the best band of the past 13 years. Other than Radiohead, I can’t think of any other band with a longer peak operating at such a high level. The last 4 full lengths are all solid A+'s for me, and it wouldn’t shock me if this one becomes the fifth.


This record made me rush back to reappraise twfm and I realised how much I love it, much more than on initial release.

I think I’ll only really appreciate swb when the next one comes out and it’s had time to settle and it’s not the new one anymore.


So, after a few listens…strongest songs are probably the pre-released “singles” and I’ll Still Destroy You. As per the last album there are a number of tracks that are just nowhere near the standard of most of the stuff on Boxer and Alligator, I think there’s a lot of goodwill towards this band and a lot of people willing any release to reach the heights of the aforementioned albums.
In short, I think it’s The National’s new fourth or fifth best album.


Don’t think many people are saying it’s better than Alligator or Boxer pal,just that they’re still pretty good/consistent. Calm it doon!


Squalor Victoria & Mr November are two of my favourites!


Took a while but someone got there eventually


Didn’t suggest that, rather I sense that alot of people are willing it to be. It’s not.


Ok then


I’m just saying it’s not a very good song babe


I’m sorry, all i can hear is wah wah wah, there’s too much guitar, wah wah wah!


Take it to the Rock is Dead thread


Excellent use of the wah pedal there


cba reading 250+ replies, so can someone tell me if the new album is any good?

If it helps, I thought TWFM was boring and shite, but loved the 3 leading up to that (and SSFDL was really good in places too).


Yes, it is good.


It’s fine.