New National teaser video marketing item


It’s all right.


Can’t face heaven all


It’s better than TWFM (just about) but behind High Violet and well behind Boxer / Alligator.


feels like their most immediate album since boxer
Dunno if that’s a good thing. time will tell won’t it


Turtleneck is an absolute belter, the rest is typical plodding National, that’s done better elsewhere.


Total shit meight, I wouldn’t bother listening to it (apart from Turtleneck obvs)


Think it’s their least immediate album, but at least that means I have to listen more


Suggestions for where this is done better?


idk, their 3rd 4th and 5th albums?


I didn’t realise you meant by the band themselves…as you don’t really sound enamoured by their “typical(ly) plodding” sound.


sorry, I meant the first 2 Elbow albums.


Don’t really know what’s going on here


Pretty sure it’s got something to do with guitar music making a comeback, big time, and soft jam fans not being happy, coupled with the possibility that older songs by international soft band, The National and potentially similar national soft band, Elbow are better than the soft jams presented on this album.


You seem very intent on pushing this “rock is back” theme


At this point I’d say it’s more of a narrative than a theme.


Didn’t like the weird spoken bit at the start of the third song
Didn’t like the single after that one

Cba with it tbh, don’t think I like them anymore


In an album with barely any guitars, bar one song that has lots?


Mate, The Edge shows up on track two and track four’s got more guitar solo than you could through, well, whatever it is one throws at guitar solos.


Sure but overall it’s much more a piano/electronic album


I’ll level with you, it’s been about 40 minutes since I last listened to it and I’ve largely forgotten it, so I’ll have to take your word for it. Pretty sure most of the even numbered songs have got at least some low level shredding on them, though.