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Ok then


Mine too - was being sarcastique…




so far i’m enjoying this a lot more than TWFM. don’t know why all you bedwetters are moaning about Turtleneck, it’s great. it’s a fucking relief when they inject a change of pace rather than stick to the same fucking miserable midtempo all the way through.


Turtleneck is god awful bumwash no matter which album it appeared on, and by whom it was performed by.





It’s alright
Turtleneck’s alright
TWFM is alright


Turtleneck is the new Beth/Rest

(I like both)


absolutely not having that


Turtleneck is great and I think it’s a natural fit where it is on the album. I’m not sure why it’s so controversial.


Turtleneck is fucking superb and much needed in terms of the pace of the album


That’s because you can’t logically understand why Beth/Rest is great


Both divisive but one is an uptempo rock song on an otherwise miserable album, the other is some deliberately lame cereal café irony beard 80s trolling.


It’s like saying Bodysnatchers shouldn’t be on In Rainbows or something


The comparison is purely down to how they divisive they are. Any any comparison is worthless because a) they’re so different and b) you’ve already made up your mind


I’m sure there are a lot of people who may just not like the song, which is totally fine of course. But the degree of controversy “Turtleneck” is causing makes me think that the awful “being loud = immature, not being loud = growth” critical narrative is fueling it to some degree, even if subconsciously.

(I also like both Turtleneck and Beth/Rest)


Electioneering* :wink:


tbf that’s also an incredibly silly argument


i was thinking this, but i’m not so keen on that album as a whole. not that they should always be mellow, but those earlier heavier tracks (and turtleneck imo) sound a bit rushed and manic, almost like they arent quite finished.


come on that safety wink was plain for all to see!