New National teaser video marketing item


Oh I know, it just reminded me of how wrong and bad those people are


This album is growing on me in a big way. I like the subtle changes in their sound, gives it a bit of a sonic identity the last album didn’t have.


I listened to the chorus of Carin at the Liquor Store thinking the phrase “foregone conclusion” is used in relation to another band or song, and wracked my brains and realised it’s the name of David Brent’s band so every time I hear it now, it’s polluted by me thinking of that, and that crap film. So I wanted to share this with all you lot too so I don’t suffer alone :grinning:


I also have that


Noisy rock National is one of my favourite things, Turtleneck just isn’t a good version of that.

Sorry for not engaging in any narratives folks.


I also have this


Similarly, I used to play in a 6-a-side team called Forgone Conclusion, so it reminds me of the guys I used to play with. Not as terrible as Gervais though


The best songs are: Empire Line & I’ll Still Destroy You


Growing on me with every listen, unsurprisingly. The stand outs for me are Walk it Back, The System Only Dreams, I’ll Still Destroy You and Sleep Well Beast - mostly the more electronic ones. They’ve done the rockers better, the piano ballads better, but these are all a new flavour and pretty masterfully done.


Made the mistake of looking at the Corke setlist and am now feeling a little flat about the upcoming Manchester gig - nothing off Alligator, no Pink Flowers, fair few other favourites not on the list sad face


Anything for the Turtleneck crew?


NOTHING off of Alligator?!??!? What the fuck, it’s their best album


Spoilers, dude :wink:


No it’s not


Boxer is just Alligator with worse songs. High Violet is better than Boxer but doesn’t have the consistency of Alligator. Trouble Will Find Me was kinda weak, pretty dull. Their Debut is straight up bad and Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers was an indicator for the great Alligator, but not as great as the great Alligator.

I think the new one ranks between High Violet and Boxer because as I say Boxer is just Alligator with worse songs



Alligator > High Violet > Sleep Well Beast > Boxer > Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers >>> Trouble Will Find Me >>>>> The National


Boxer is clearly the best. Alligator and High Violet vying for second position.

Alligator has some career highlights but also some obvious duffers.


Clearly the 4th best*


I hope you’re enjoying your obviously contrarian opinion :wink:


Boxer is an improvement in production, in consistency of songwriting, in lyrics, in standout songs…