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If you’re going to state your opinion as fact I’m going to do the same. I’m not even trying to be contrarian. I genuinely believe Boxer is just Alligator with weaker songs and have done since it’s release. It’s not bad (I’d give it an 8/10) but Alligator is one of fav albums of all time.


Yeh, sorry - still, their back-catalogue is big enough they might mix it up each night. One hopes…


I did use the customary safety wink to indicate I knew you were being genuine. Another argument we’ll have to agree to disagree upon…I don’t doubt your own conviction but I’m happy that more than 50% of National fans would agree with my position.


Nah not that crazy a suggestion, Boxer is my least favourite of the last four albums, Alligator my favourite (not including the new album yet, still reserving judgement). Which isn’t to say it’s bad, I love it when I listen to it, I just think the others are better.


As ever I’ll squirm my way out of this argument by referring to Boxer on 4.85/5 and Alligator 4.83. Very similar but Boxer has around 3,000 extra votes; both on over 6000.

Tbf I can understand people putting Alligator above Boxer. Saying Boxer is 4th is just silly.


The way I see it that’s just 3,000 people who havent heard Alligator and therefore don’t realize Boxer is just a weaker Alligator :stuck_out_tongue:


That almost seems like you’re saying “why listen to Boxer when you can have Alligator”. I mean, they’re both excellent albums in their own right


Nah I’m saying if they heard Alligator the songs on Boxer wouldn’t have the same impact. I still listen to Boxer yo it’s a good album :smiley:


They played Mr November in Copenhagen I’m sure




Boxergator > the more recent ones > the early ones


Turtleneck two cents -

Nothing wrong with The National doing an indie rock banger. Really think latter albums have lacked songs like Abel, Mr November, Lit Up. Just happens this is just not a very good attempt at it.

Dunno what people are hearing in the rest of it, washes over me tbh. I think there’s a strong argument that every album has been worse than the last since Alligator

(personal, right-place, right-time affectation for High Violet notwithstanding but Boxer and Alligator are probably better albums)


I think we all need time for the dust to settle because the idea that this album is worse than TWFM (stodgy, meandering, largely one-paced…yet still somehow half-decent) is confusing me.


It’s better than TWFM which I could never get into, however the final two tracks prevent it from getting anywhere near their top three albums.


It’s their best album since Alligator


Pretty much this - for the first half I’m like “this is fantastic, could be up there with their best,” then it gets very patchy in the second half


i think High Violet is probably the most consistent. i like Boxer a lot but it’s a bit up and down between great songs and dull ones. i haven’t listened to Alligator in a while so can’t quite remember how it compares.


it’s weird that they don’t play Mistaken for Strangers these days, surely they know it’s their best song by miles and miles.


I think the second half has some of their best material and the last song is pretty stunning.


Yeah, that three song stretch of I’ll Still Destroy You, Guilty Party, and Carin at the Liquor Store is the highlight of the album for me.