New National teaser video marketing item


Fanks for ruining the gig for me. :cry:


There one of the few bands that have like a core setlist of a few songs and then massively mix it up from show to show though, aren’t they? Wouldn’t worry, you’ll have a nice time regardless


eg they did Mistaken for Strangers, Mr November and Fake Empire last night


Chill yr beans pal, they mix it up each night


Was only jesting! I’m am v. excited. Never managed to catch them live before and I bloody love the Apollo.

They’ll never play everything I want to hear but back catalogue is good enough that I’m gonna be happy either way!


Was at the Vicar street gig in Dublin last night and it was genuinely stratospheric. The new stuff holds up really well, and the System Only Dreams In Total Darkness is in particular an amazing addition to their live repertoire. Also they played All the Wine, which is the first time I’ve seen them play it, and even though Matt clearly forgot the lyrics at points, I completely lost it tbh.


Saw the set list on Facebook for that gig, looked amazing. I haven’t been to a national gig where I haven’t lost it.


I was there too and it was great. Matt was in a very odd mood. Lisa Hannigan sounded very good with them. Last time they’ll be playing venues this size I reckon. Only letdown for me was them playing England as they’ve played it the last three times I’ve seen them and is one of my least favourite songs by them.


Apparently 8 songs unique to each of the nights in Dublin, glad I finally decided to see them twice on this leg.


Nice. Tried for both nights for Dublin and was lucky to get tix for last night. They probably could have done a full week with the demand I reckon. Hopefully they do Belfast next year too.


Yet more new thoughts. Carin is now my favourite by a decent margin and the “You’d fall into rivers with friends on the weekends” line is my standout from the album so far. Might even be the best thing they’ve done since Boxer.

Turtleneck is fine actually, not great but no problem either. Born to Beg is the weakest song, maybe the most sincere/straightforward they’ve ever been and it doesn’t seem to suit them.

Album is really growing on me as a whole piece, Matt has some great singing and melodies on this.


Irish crowds should boo that one

(is a great song though)


What’s with all the mentions of hallways?

Current favourite is Guilty Party. That string crescendo that builds as Matt sings “it all catches up to me” for the second time is beautiful.

My other favourite bit is on I’ll Still Destroy You when Matt kind of growls “I’m just trying to stay in touch with… anything I’m still in touch with”. There’s so much menace in his voice.


Wasn’t thinking politically at all. It’s much better live than on record. Just not one of my faves and I’ve heard it a lot when they have a load of songs I like that I’ve never heard them play when I’ve seen them.
Political joke: as if they’d boo that in The Pale!


Thought Guilty Party sounded amazing with Lisa Hannigan singing too. Kind of like it’s the couple in the story relaying it. The Cork show should still be stream-able on the arte website. Definitely worth checking out:


they must read the boards!!!


Anyone know who support is for the Manchester gig tonight?


Also got a standing ticket going spare for tonight’s gig if anyone wants it in the next hour


Does anyone know what time they’ve been hitting the stage?


They were pretty great tonight, solid setlist with a few nice surprises…I just wish I was more tolerant of others at gigs. Never seem to have this problem at festivals.

Although turtleneck was awful. Really put me off the recorded version.