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“Solid” ? Best one of the tour to date I think. Unfortunately I went to the Friday show, oh well - London tomorrow.


Yeah the crowd kind of ruined the gig for me last night. The people around me would not shut up and at one point it was actually hard to hear the band. Two guys next to me started smoking (I have asthma) but luckily they got kicked out as they were lighting their second fags. One of them was so fucked he fell over onto my friend. Some guy was shouting FAKE EMPIRE until they played it, then started shouting ENGLAND. Plus the usual tall people with no awareness of anyone but their tall mates.

The band were really decent as far as I could tell but the bag of wankers that surrounded us made it the worst gig I’ve been to in a long while. Bloodbuzz Ohio was really good mind.


We were seated so our experience wasn’t as bad as yours…but still; far too many people singing every lyric they know then talking loudly through unfamiliar songs (including all of luluc). Plus loads of unnecessary slow clapping, whooping mid-song, random shouting…I understand that this is all standard gig fare and I sound like a ranting old man, but its irritating as hell.

Towards the end, a few people started standing up and dancing…then acting like 15 year old edgelords when told to sit down. By the end everyone just stood up…except for me and my TV, at least


I really enjoyed it. Saw the comments about friday night, and thought they probably benefited from already being settled and set up. ‘The System Only Dreams…’ sounded good and helped them kick into gear.

‘Conversation 16’ and ‘Apartment Story’ from friday would have been nice, but I guess we got Geese… and Abel instead.

No crowd issues for us - my wife was struggling with the standing and heat with being pregnant, so we just watched from the back wall of the stalls. Not many people around us until towards the end. The security staff were really good with her too, which helped.


Had a similar experience with Ryan Adams there the other week. Was sober myself, which didn’t help.


dark side of the gym is this albums pink rabbits. in 2 months everyone will love it.


Hate both


i meant to write “everyone except severed” but my autocorrect played up, and then it was too late to edit


It’s good to be the exception to the rule, and is generally assumed of me, so no worries


Good on you! Last thing you want to do at a gig is enjoy yourself.


What are tall people meant to do, wait in an orderly line to be measured by height before the show?


Blimey, Geese of Beverly Road at last show! That’s one of the only songs I love that I’ve no seen them play


Yes that would be great, thanks!


It’s already one of the Ines that’s sneaking up on me


Always a barrel of laughs when you queue up for a couple of hours to get relatively close to the front of a concert and then some wee punk turns up late, tries to push their way to the front, and then spends the concert complaining about how you’re the scum of the earth :neutral_face:


Noted :wink:


How DARE you be so tall?!


Not having this. Not standing up isn’t really a comment on enjoying yourself or not. People did and it was fine…by that point the show had been on ages so I didn’t feel the need to see past them.


Surely you see how that looks in context of the rest of your post though? :wink: