New National teaser video marketing item

Two nights at Usher Hall, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss having that!!

I like that single too.

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This song is “ok” I am not very excited for the new album because Trouble Will Find Me was quite boring.


Their least good ‘proper’ album IMHO


I’m gonna go to the Hamburg show too, the Elbphilharmonie is meant to be amazing

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Aye, it’s fine but there’s too many annoying bits where they do that annoying St Vincenty thing of messing around with the time signature in an otherwise perfectly ordinary, fine song to make it “interesting” and ruining it as a result.

Doing a back-catalogue listen today to check that I’m correct about it. I seem to remember the drums being less prominent on it as well and they are by far and away the best thing about them.

Ant vs progress

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One man’s progress is another man’s something else

Strong argument :wink:


I thought this when I first heard in 2013, but it’s the one I return to the most now - and probably my favourite. Not a bad track on it.

Love this new one.


A guitar solo! Well I never. Anyway, like it. Nice and promising.

When Trouble Will Find Me first came out I was a bit “meh”, but its grown on me and is now up there close to Alligator and Boxer imo. I Need My Girl and Pink Rabbits are amongst their best ever songs, and there are loads of other highlights. A lot to explore lyrically too AND after seeing them in the O2 a few years ago all the songs from it were incredible live.


I agree about the drums, I missed them on TWFM. The new track seems to have some “classic” The National drumming on it though.

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I saw them tour it and they’re always amazing live, like I said too many bits on that album that mess with time signatures in a way that I never find anything other than viscerally frustrating.

It’s only disappointing by their extremely high standards innit.

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Listening to it again now, the first four songs are just not very good at all IMO. It picks up from this point iirc but that initial run sounds like all the criticisms people have of them but actually valid this time.

Oh God, I’ve just got to that griever, non-believer, freezer, fever, believe-her rhyming bit. Pure shite.


Haha i LOVE that stuff

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It definitely finishes stronger (though I love Don’t Swallow The Cap in that opening four).

holy shit, the new song has an actual guitar solo in it

they’re just consistently amazing, arent they?

Alright here we go:

Is Should Live In Salt - Bad, the “You should know me better than that” bit is extended a beat too long IMO and it genuinely irritates me as a result

Demons - Don’t like how he sings “The city” at the start, it reminds me of Flight of the Conchords, there’s a few bits where there are too many syllables for the lyrics to scan properly, annoys me.

Don’t Swallow the Cap - Better than the first two but I find it a bit pedestrian

Fireproof - Don’t mind it in and of itself, it’s kind of almost an equivalent to City Middle or something in terms of the function that song serves in pacing Alligator but without anything good enough surrounding it to not just be a bit dull

Sea of Love - Actually good

Heavenfaced - Got that awful rhyming dictionary bit (there are a few bits like that on the record in general)

This Is The Last Time - He sounds bored

Graceless - Good song (This is giving the impression that I only like up-tempo National songs but this really isn’t the case) still a bit rhyming dictionary-ish though

Slipped - It’s alright, again, there’s just too many songs with this down-tempo, pedestrian vibe on the record for them not to merge into each other where they don’t do that on the other albums

I Need My Girl - Don’t know why he sings “laugh about in front of family” like some kind of southern hick

Humiliation - Again, just very pedestrian and by-the numbers

Pink Rabbits - Really good

Hard to Find - Possibly the most disappointing thing about the album, they always close brilliantly up until this point. This just whimpers out.

In summary, it’s as disappointing as I remember it being and I should do some work.

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