New National teaser video marketing item


To be fair, I’m pretty tall but I do try not to block other people’s views where appropriate.


I, conversely, try to get in as many small people’s ways as possible. Make a game of it even, current record is 6’2


It makes me look like I hate all other people. Which isn’t true, just the obnoxious ones.

I never get this issue at festivals…just gigs, for some reason.


I hate everyone else at gigs or festivals tbf


I think at festivals it’s better because;

a) There’s more space (usually)
b) You can move around if you’re near someone annoying
c) If a set is ruined then it often doesn’t matter because there’s loads of other stuff on.


Think all these things are the same either way tbh


Things I can do about being tall: nothing
Things you can do about me being tall: fucking move

Thought they were grand on Friday.


Who’s going tonight?

First time since primavera 2014 for me. Been trying to not look at setlists too much but if we get Geese I’ll be stoked




Things tall people can do about being tall: not stand directly in front of a tiny person who has spent the past fifteen minutes moving around the sides and back of the venue trying to find a spot where they can just about see the top of the bassist’s head.

I did say

(really don’t want to get into an argument about this on this internet, it’s Monday morning, it’s pissing it down, can we all just agree that everyone who goes to gigs apart from us and our mates is terrible)


The setlist generally seem to stick to the same SWB songs…then they rotate a selection from Alligator/Boxer/High Violet/TWFM. Despite my moaning upthread…I think it works really well and I wish more bands used this method.

They played Geese on Saturday, which was great, though it probably wasn’t a great song for the uninitiated.


Yeah it’s massively frustrating when bands with great back catalogues play the same set with one or two changes every night. Seems such a waste.

Tbf with The National I’d happily hear just about anything from the last 5 albums


Me too. Seeing them tonight (standing) and tomorrow (seated) :grinning:


Fuck the unitiated I’d love to hear that song live


I prefer it on record, unfortunately. The set in general was geared at beefing things up live, which was great…but I think Geese would’ve benefited on more restraint (could barely hear the brass).


Neither person can move that easily at a busy show



I get that it must be frustrating but there’s really not that much I can do. If you’re 6ft plus you’re always going to be in the way of somebody. I try not to be too much of an obstruction. I stand towards the back/sides but I paid for a ticket like everyone else. Think it’s a bit unfair to expect me to spend the entire time worrying whether I’m upsetting someone by merely existing in the same time and place as them.



I’ll take that

@TontonZolaMoukoko I was being flippant myself. Being tall I can’t help being in the way of some people…but I do try to stay near the back. Some people are really obnoxious with it though…e.g. turning up just before the main act starts and plonking themselves in front of others.


gif version has gone a bit fucked