New National teaser video marketing item


At gigs like this I find more and more that people seem to pay good money to go and have a chat they could have quite easily in the pub, just a lot louder. It fucks me right off.


Think this has always been a thing tbh


See they played Geese and Soho Riots! last night. Christ, gonna have to see them AGAIN aren’t I


Incredible last night, one of my favourite National shows despite the new songs (System… and Carin aside) being a bit weaker than the rest.

We got 4 off Boxer and 4 off Alligator, which was way more than I was daring to hope for. Abel into Geese was wonderful. And I always forget how intense Squalor Victoria and Afraid of Everyone are live.

Really tempted to try and get tickets for Thursday now


I’ve got one standing spare for tonight. face value, 40 quid. Will be in a pub somewhere in Hammersmith by 7. PM me, etc


We got one off each in Edinburgh, super jealous.


I’ve seen them a load of times and it was one of my faves too - such a great setlist. Going again tonight woop!


What have the times been the past few nights?

PS if anyone missed out on tickets, there appears to be a few circle seated ones for tomorrow night on the ‘eventim’ apollo website


8pm This Is The Kit
9pm The Nash.

Finished around 22:45 last night


Awesome cheers!


I’d take the tape dispenser for work lol


Woah, wish This Is The Kit had been supporting them in Manc. That’s a belting pairing.


I don’t want to complain too much because it was still a decent gig and they’re easily one of my favourites, but … I saw them on the second Edinburgh night and it wasn’t great at all.

Matt was a bit off with the new stuff (forgot lyrics to one and had to restart another because he couldn’t stay in time with the samples), got 9 out of 11 from SWB and yet didn’t get Carin (my fav from there) and Fake Empire, Mr November and Wasp Nest were the only pre-High Violet songs played. Seems like a pretty weak setlist compared to what they broke out for some of the other UK dates.

The main issue though was the sound … it was so fucking quiet! The brass and vocals came through really well but everything else was so distant, no kick or presence to it. Felt more like it was set up for a folksy band who sometimes rock out, rather than a rock band with some extra layers to it. Hearing the opening to Bloodbuzz being so muted just made me sad and Mr November never took off properly either. Probably healthy for my ears but just didn’t feel anything like the last times I saw them in '10 and '11.


unlucky, my friend was at the other Edinburgh show and the setlist looks great


While we got a few oldies and goodies last night (and About Today which was pretty ace) we didn’t get any of the big ones like Mr November, Abel etc. I’ve got to say I didn’t miss them. so much of TWFM is so strong live I wasn’t bothered. Was really good - but it was too quiet.


I thought it was a really strange setlist to be honest, but it differed from the night before by about 10+ songs so I can’t really complain. About Today was sublime, and I thought Dark Side of the Gym was luvverly


The gig felt oddly flat last night. I’m sure this wasn’t helped by the fact I had four people behind me who wouldn’t shut up (just chatting). When I asked them politely to lower their voices, I got a stream of abuse and stuff thrown at me for the middle portion of the gig.

About today was wonderful mind.


2 or 3 alright songs padded out with John Lewis advert muazk


Yeah i thought it was pretty downbeat. Lots of songs off the new one though and they aren’t exactly party starters. Sound was fairly disappointing - could barely make out Sea of Love.


Yeah I just looked it up and looks like we got one of the worst setlists of the UK tour so far lol