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Is there any pattern to the set-lists or are they just mixing it up every night? Not overly fussed either way as love most of their stuff and have seen them 4 times previously, though would love to hear some stuff from Alligator like Geese and Daughters of the Soho Riots.

Edit: by pattern I mean are they likely to play the same kind of set-list for the final show in each city etc.? Tbh I don’t really know what I’m asking.


Looks like mixing it up every time. They’ve included covers, sets that range from 3 pre-HV songs to 8 of them, from 2 off of HV to 6 off there etc. Also every UK gig so far included a song that they were playing for the first time on the tour, so seems like they’re actively pulling out a new one each night. Who knows what you’ll get!


Solid research, ta.

Mad excited. Going tonight.

If they played Val Jester or City Middle I think I might lose it a bit, sorry in advance if I’m standing near any DiSers and this happens.


Good luck haha, I really like their approach to sets - just wish I’d got a different one :stuck_out_tongue:

TWFM stuff sounded really good live, made me appreciate it more.


Yeah I’m going to re-visit TWFM after seeing those songs live. It’s always been my least favourite


Lemonworld is good tho


Their best song IMHO!


Good pre-drink pubs around Hammersmith then? Been a few years since I’ve been.


Guys I’ve ended up in a Belushis. Send help


Well I for one really enjoyed that “how to be an extremely drunk frontman and still be incredible” show


Despite what I said about Tuesday gotta say last night was sooooooo much better… but part of that was even more TWFM goodness


I think I’m with you. But then I had to rereview Alligator 6 months after it came out as I’d originally given it a 6 and said Abel was the only good thing on it.


Thoughts from last night!

•VCG acoustic! Wonderful!
•Secret Meeting! Wonderful!
•Queen Cover! Bad idea!
•Other people talking very drunkenly and loudly through the gig! Fuck the fuck off dudes this gig is so expensive what is wrong with you?
•Kind of wish Matt wasn’t as focused as he is with crowd interaction/trying to dominate the whole thing and that he’d just actually do the songs well.
• new stuff dragged a bit


Looking at the setlists, absolutely gutted I went to Tuesday’s show.

Wonder what the last time they played nothing from Alligator was? Not even Mr November.


Saw VCG acoustic at Brixton just after High Violet came out and it was absolutely amazing. Glad they’re still doing it.

The set-list changing is great in a way (and generally fine for me as have seen them 4/5 times before) but does cause a bit of frustration. So many songs I would have loved to have seen!

Anyone know what the cover was at the end of the Wednesday show? I couldn’t hear when Matt introduced it.


‘Maybe Not’ by Cat Power.


We did Monday and Thursday. Thought yesterday was a better gig, but I think that was because I was right down the front. No chatting down there and Matt’s frequent trips into the first few rows make it all quite exciting.

Agree about the Queen cover - it was bad karaoke but Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks more than made up for it.


16th Sept, first UK date of the tour, at Cork Opera House was the most recent set with nothing from Alligator in. It scared me so much I posted further up this thread about it! Luckily for me I saw them on the Saturday at Manchester and they were sublime. They even dedicated Abel to the parents in the audience who named their cute looking son after the song. Which is me and my wife! Except neither of us had been in touch with the band, so it just spoiled the song for my wife (and probably our son’s name a bit) by highlighting us as the not-so-original people we are. I couldn’t care less mind, they played Geese of Beverly Road ffs!!!




Have no idea what that’s an acronym for, but obviously Cork is in Ireland not the UK, which I assume is what you’re getting at. Sorry Irish fellas. First date of European tour I guess is what I meant