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Saw them on the 27th. They were fucking brilliant. Slow Show, All The Wine and Mr November. Hell of a setlist.


Also went to this one - loved it. Really great varied setlist, and fortunately didn’t have any issues with the crowd noise as others did (though had plenty of it at LCD last week).

Was kind of taking aback but both how popular, and how impressive live the TWFM songs are. I Should Live In Salt, Don’t Swallow the Cap and I Need My Girl are all songs I so rarely go back too, but they sounded huge, helped by the mass crowd singalong. Similar with Conversation 16, absolutely tore the place up!

In comparison, I was so so happy with All the Wine, probably joint top favourite National track. At the same time though, could sort of recognise it didn’t have the same ‘oomph’ live (probs slightly because of less recognition). Made me think that while I may hope for a set of pure Alligator, maybe they know what they’re doing… in any case, very jealous of Secret Meeting last night, would have killed for that one!

Very happy overall, and pleased that they chose the Apollo. Will be a shame if it’s just a Hyde Park situation next year, if at all


Let’s have a reality check. I saw them Tuesday and Wednesday in Hammersmith. I said I liked Tuesday (with little old stuff) and loved Wednesday (with more old stuff) but for fucks sakes lads, they played 4 nights there, rather than doing the o2 again, and they (presumably mixed it up for themselves as much as us). I loved seeing them and they were good, every which way. Let’s stop moaning. I’ve listened to them non-stop since then - including now.


Brackets in wrong place - doesn’t undermine sentiment. Ta


Last night was great. Wasp Nest and Secret Meeting, which I’ve never heard 'em do before we’re both fantastic. The atmosphere was great, much better than in Manchester, no talky shit munchers this time. Only downside was the sound was reeeeeeeally quiet for some reason which took the edge off somewhat. And they didn’t play Demons or I Should Live In Salt which sound fucking HUGE live.

Great stuff


Which Manchester night and whereabouts were you that you got talkers? I was there for the Friday, just in front of the sound desk slightly to the left and found it pretty pleasant. Did get an instance of one couple taking the opportunity of one of the quiet songs to have a protracted discussion about going to the bar in their grating Cheshire accents. Go back to your Cheshire cultural vacuum, you annoyingtons. Just brazenly carried on through me and other decent people giving them forceful glares as well. Some people, I tell you. Oh I was also annoyed by the little pocket of mini NME #LADS who participated in some low-level hooliganism, like doing guitar riff chanting for Day I Day and System Only Dreams, and also chucking their beer cups, and not understanding that some gigs the atmosphere doesn’t call for you to stand with your fist in the air the entire way through bellowing every word as loud as you can. But luckily I’d clocked them early on and rotated away from them.

God I hate people, even when only about 6 of them out of a few thousand have given me anything to moan about.


We were at the front on the Friday night. There were about five proper blokes stood behind us, leaning on our shoulders to film stuff and shouting along, yammering away between songs/through songs.


As last weekend was my first national gig…and based upon the comments in this thread…has there always been a portion of knobheads at their gigs? Or have they recently crossed a threshold into becoming a “bigger” band?

N.B. Though I am typically grumpy, I was also sat down for Nick Cave a few days later and wasn’t annoyed by anyone :slight_smile:


They crossed the line to slightly bigger band after High Violet in particular, seem to remember that album doing pretty well on release.


Been to a bunch of their shows and only noticed it last week. The O2 arena show was FANTASTIC, probably the best arena gig I’ve ever seen.


I got into these boys when Alligator came out and saw them play twice to 150-200 people in 2005. On the US tour, people were coming to see their support band - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - and fucking off before The National came on ( Every album since has seen their stock rise; like Yesiamaduck says, High Violet was when they started getting properly big in ‘alternative’ music terms. I think it got to number 4 in the UK album chart.

Looking forward to seeing them in Amsterdam in a few weeks. If I’m lucky I’ll get within 20 yards of the stage.


Yeah, it was amazing. I gave Matt a hug on his way round :hugs:


If anyone fancies it

Link to pre-sale for The National at Donnybrook Stadium


Beginning to think that ‘I’ll Still Destroy You’ is the best thing they’ve ever done.


the ULU show for alligator had no talkers & don’t think it was sold out
there’s almost been an inverse relationship between no of knobs in crowd & matt’s confidence as a front man

we did wonder how he was going to cope when the smoking ban came in


aye they weren’t selling out Boxer tour either, I saw them at half-empty Leeds uni union on that tour and it was great but didn’t seem assured they’d become massive within a year or two



Just had a look at some of my photos from the ulu show


Was that the one supported by st Vincent?


ooh… no I don’t think so?

this was on july 1st 2008, don’t recall St. Vincent being there but I did see her with Grizzly Bear around that time.

This was the first time I saw The National, main stage at like 3 in the afternoon to a couple hundred people at the most, it was fucking amazing