New National teaser video marketing item


The lady from Buke & Gase is singing on one of the tracks, I approve


Yeah I’ve not heard anything yet either, does it work differently if you preorder the album?

They have a time you’ve got to have signed up by so maybe they’ll send out the presale code then


I preordered and haven’t had a code yet either, so assume it’s later.


I just got emailed a code from songkick for the pre-sale, without ordering the album.


I just got my presale code through & I’d not preordered


song’s nothing special but it’s not bad. have never got round to seeing them live so will probably get a ticket for the tour. hope they don’t play too much from Trouble Will Find Me cos it’s dull as fuck.


Yeah maybe…weirdly enough I got a code earlier today, but my friend who actually bought the album has heard nothing yet…so hopefully your theory is correct


Pah, in the songkick queue for tickets at 10:00:01 and all advance tickets (other than single seats) reserved by the time I had the option to select at 10:01.

Fucking joke trying to buy tickets for anything these days.


Ah fuck :frowning:

I managed two tickets for my birthday - 27th - which I’m thrilled about. Similarly was on at literally 10am and went immediately into queue. I guess they’re smaller venues than usual.


Not a fan of that smug ticketing system.


I’ll try again on friday I guess. Got lucky with Arcade Fire & Interpol presales so you win some you lose some I suppose.

Last saw them on the High Violet tour & don’t remember it being hard to get tickets then. Thought with playing multiple dates it might ease the crush. Good to hear some folks got through.


Which gig were you trying for? There seem to be quite a few with tickets available still.


Was trying for either of the Manchester dates. Anywhere else would have been too far to travel with trying to arrange babysitting unfortunately.


Ah, right. I think I was mistaken anyway. They say they have tickets available, but when you click through they are all gone.


Got a couple for the Saturday at Manchester. £78.50. Ouch.


Got my two for Saturday at Manchester - excited!


Yeah. I’m not surprised the Manchester dates went fast…two weekend dates in the only non-London shows in England. I also didn’t get through (though I felt really annoyed: I couldn’t get anywhere on my laptop for 5 minutes…tried my mobile just to see and got straight through. By then it was far too late…but I can’t work out why I was denied initially).

Do we reckon there are more tickets reserved for general sale? Not that I’m particularly looking forward to negotiating that at all.

Finally…they really need to re-evaluate their popularity in the UK.


Yeah - I got lucky but it seems crazy they’re playing the Apollo in London this time when they were at the (what, three-four times larger) Alexandra Palace last time. They did at least a couple of nights then as well, so there were way more tickets available.


Yeah, had false hopes raised by that menu a few times. See there are still tickets for Oslo, that would have been a great excuse for a weekend getaway.

Mutual commiserations @wonton. General sale friday by the look of things, so free up some time in your diary in the morning!


Already made sure I have absolutely no distractions at that time. I’ve not seen The National before, despite a ten-year long obsession now.