New National teaser video marketing item


There’s other presales throughout the week, spotify tomorrow I think, 02 Wednesday then Live Nation on Thursday if you register with them.


This is really helpful to know. Thanks!


was lucky to get two tickets for the Wednesday night in Edinburgh, can’t wait to see them, only other time catching them was at TITP years ago


I’d best get listening to them on Spotify then I guess, my mate tried getting tickets this morning to no avail.

Will also register with Live Nation, thanks for the tip!

Not sure what I think about the idea to give pre-sale access to people buying the album for the purpose of stopping touts, surely paying a tenner or whatever for an album is nothing if you’re then gonna buy up a load of tickets to sell for twice the price.


surprisingly managed to get standing tickets to one of the London gigs nearly 50 mins after the presale opened. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ tasty prices but hopefully worth it.


Didn’t they finish the last tour at the O2? After the Alexandra Palacehows? So even bigger… (didn’t bother with the O2 but AP was ace)

Got some standing London tickets. Looked like seated was much more popular, weirdly. Am happy.


I think you’re right. Palace was wonderful. My first time seeing them and just perfect. Apollo will be insane!


You didn’t even need to buy anything though.

As much as I don’t like the Glastonbury system…registering seems the best way to do it for me. I do find modern ticket sales frustrating because of how fast things sell out…but you can’t really counteract that…people are just really enthusiastic to see them.


("I don't know why we had to lose, the ones who took so little space" - not even sure how to read that line but it resonates with me somehow).

This - and I think the whole song - is apparently a reaction to Sandy Hook and other school shootings. I don’t remember where I read that but it was in an interview the year TWFM came out, and I remember it made the whole song instantly much clearer and completely devastating.


I think I read this too (I’m sure Matt Berninger said it was based on something his partner said at the time), but couldn’t find it anywhere online. A pretty devastating lyric however you read it.


I remember reading that too. Heartbreaking.


Standing sorted for Hammersmith. Easy enough to get through. Love the venue.


Pre-sale was a joke. Is it usually such a shit fight?? What do you think my odds are for Friday??


Not even a sniff on the spotify presale. I sat and watched a countdown clock go “3…2…1…tickets are currently unavailable.” Marvellous.


Not sure why I didn’t even get a code from Spotify, I got one for the American Football presale earlier this year and I listen to them less often. Guess I’ll try my luck with Live Nation on Thursday or whenever it is.


Ah, I didn’t get a code, I just clicked through the gig listing on the Spotify app and as I’ve got a premium account and it loaded a countdown clock I thought that was enough. Seems not.

Looking on the spotify forum someone contacted support and got the reply, “Codes are sent to artists’ top listeners. If you didn’t receive a code, I’m afraid you’re not eligible on this occasion.”

So if you buy the records rather than stream, you’re not going to get anything extra through spotify.


Just got the Spotify presale code, got 4 tickets to Manchester :grin:


Got 4 standing for London through Spotify just now with zero issue


Excellent, good to hear some are escaping the toutbots. Already lots going for high prices online, so I think chances on friday probably slim.

So for future reference, how does it work? Did you request a presale code or did one just pop up in the inbox linked to your spotify account based on something they thought you might be interested in? Don’t think I’ve ever had a code come through my email from spotify about tickets - get plenty about new releases by bands they think I might be interested in though.


I just got an email with a presale code. I’ve had similar emails when other bands I listen to a lot on Spotify have announced a tour.