New National teaser video marketing item


I got 2 standing for Usher Hall via Spotify. No presale code or anything. Just clicked on the Usher Hall calendar and it took me to gigsinscotland site. Got them about 10:08 which surprised me.


They’re proper huge now, aren’t they


Yesss. Two tickets for the Sat in Manchester just scored on the Gigs and Tours pre-sale.

Went in minutes again.



Sounding really strong on first lsten


Prefer this to the last one. Little bit Radiohead-lite but otherwise solid.


I honestly think this and the previous single are as good as anything they’ve done


The amount of comments on that video saying this would be their “Kid A”!


Guilty Party has already wormed itself into my top 10 National songs. Absolutely stunning; it’s like an updated About Today, with brass straight out of Fake Empire/The Geese of Beverly Road, a classic Devendorf drum pattern and gorgeous Dessner guitars.


HI, National thread. I bought Mistaken For Strangers dvd off their website and it arrived today, going to watch it tonight. The company that dispatches their merch in the UK is based in a town called Pant! What an amusing name for a place eh?



Ah the piano ballad one


Liked the first two singles but this is a bit too much like the snoozier parts of the last album (Pink Rabbits / I Need My Girl ?). Although first listen and may grow.


yeah I can’t make up my mind about this song, I feel it’s maybe a little too on the nose


Really really like Carin At The Liquor Store. Best lyrics of the new ones so far, and I’m just a sucker for their slow woozy sad ones where Matt sounds like he’s walking home drunk and regretful. Guilty Party’s growing on me a lot too.


“You’d fall into rivers with friends on the weekends” is such a classic National line. Sort of mocking and envious and tender all at once.


I like this a fair bit, but it’s fan service at this stage. Sounds a LOT like Pink Rabbits, but with slightly paint by numbers lyrics.


Pink Rabbits as a snooze? Nonsense! That’s my favourite track! I agree with you on I Need My Girl though


I think that’s just how he sees the world and expresses himself no? Can’t see how that can be labelled as fan service.


1st single: 8/10
2nd single: 9/10
3rd single: 7/10

Now that’s settled lets all wait for the album…