New National teaser video marketing item


1st single 7.5/10
2nd single 9/10
3rd single 8.5/10


Pink Rabbits is my favourite song of theirs


Fair enough. I’ll give it a few more spins. I do like it.


Let’s not go nuts


I think it’s at the very least the best song on Trouble Will Find Me (and I’m firmly in the “it’s a great album, start to finish” camp).


Don’t understand the hype about it, it’s fine but one of my least favourite from TWFM


Was thinking the other day what The National’s big jam would be, like what one song do I really want to hear at their gigs, and there really isn’t the one song I can single out, they’ve just got loads of brilliant songs and have been amazingly consistent over the past 4 albums. Right now I’d say Slow Show is my favoruite song of theirs, but it changes all the time.


I always see people raving about it and I never got it. It’s pretty for sure, but it didn’t stand out much to me at all. This is the Last Time is easily my favourite, and Hard to Find or Slipped are the slower ones that grab me the most.


Tbf I don’t think I’ve really listened to it since the time, love the opener and sea of love though.


P.s I can’t decide where new album ranks, don’t worry tho it’s better than Everything Now


Maybe it’s just one of those “right time” type of songs for me, but I think he really nailed the feeling he was going for. There’s something about the way it doesn’t change too much throughout but somehow gets more intense and relentless as it progresses (it’s not a perfect comparison by any means, but kind of like how “Bankrupt on Selling” by Modest Mouse keeps escalating without any chord changes or volume / distortion changes).


I’ll have to listen to it with that in mind then, since Bankrupt is easily one of my fav MM songs for exactly the reason you described.


I get the comparison but bankrupt on selling is a much shorter and simpler


Oh yeah definitely. I know there’s a better comparison I want to make but can’t quite put my finger on it. (Also listening again right now, it’s shorter than I remembered - I think I did that thing where in my head the first parts of the song go on way longer than they actually do).


Most Low songs perhaps?


That reminds me that I need to finally check out Low, somehow I still have never gotten around to them. Which is weird since I’m always raving about Zak Sally’s other band The Hand.



I have 2 standing tickets for Hammersmith Thursday - due to work commitments can’t make that day now, so looking to swap for standing tickets the Monday or Wednesday at the same venue… if anyone can help - cheers



At first listen it sounds like they’re loosely after some kind of Alligator/Boxer “vibe”, also thought the same with another of the pre-release “singles” Not sure the songs are strong enough though…