New Oberst



streaming 2 weeks ahead of release, old school

will give this a listen at some point over the weekend


Nice, I’ll listen now.

I know he cancelled some Desa dates last year cos of health but didn’t know he’d had a cyst on is brain (if that was why).


Oh niceeee looking forward to this


Looking forward to hearing this especially with the more stripped back sound.


cheers, might squeeze in a couple of runs through it before leaving work now


Lovely album


Christ, hearing that fucking voice again.


Felt far too old for this but then he started playing harmonica


yeah dunno about this, harmonica kind of bums me out. it’s nice ot have but can’t imagine me listening to it much.


Think it fits nicely into his catalog, people have been wanting him to do a stripped back album for years.
Looking forward to next years gigs now


yeah it actually does seem kind of like recording more than anything


Gets a strong write up here:

(Although the bottom seems to be cut off? @sean)

Only had one proper listen to the stream so looking forward to getting stuck in on Friday.


It’s alright


^this. inevitable with this kind of thing but it sort of highlights how samey he can be, and there’s a couple songs that songs just like other songs of his.


some lovely moments, and bar the ronald reagan verse it’s relatively free of trademark Oberst cringe moments, but also not much that really sticks


hasn’t really sunk in yet, one thing that struck me is the lyric ‘as sweet as the day is long’ would much rather he overstretched himself with some ridiculous metaphor like usual rather than just used actual lyrical placeholders


Yeah I was going to say he recycles some of his usual melodies again.


Sorry @MrLukowski was having some computer issues.


3 great songs - Gossamer Thin, Mamah Borthwick, Next of Kin and then just some stuff. But not particularly bad stuff, just stuff. Fine.

Conor Oberst - Ruminations