New Okkervil River album 'Away'

Getting strong reviews and after 3 listens, it’s a grower.

I loved the road trip Americana rock vibe of their last album, but this is a lot more introspective and quietly melodic.

I still think The Stage Names and Black Sheep Boy are two of the best rock albums of the 00s.

Heard it?

The first track is gorgeous.

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really enjoying this album so far and is my first foray into Okkervil River, looking forward to checking out the back catalogue. The first two tracks are really special, brilliant melodies, need to get stuck into the lyrics too

I liked it on first listen whilst driving on Friday, but then Black Sheep Boy came on right afterwards and that’s way better, obviously. I agree that it’s one of the best rock albums of the 00s.

Listened to it a couple of times over the weekend.
OP is correct, the opening track is ridiculously great.
Their best since the The Stand In’s on first impressions.

I would agree with that, after one listen it’s their best for a while

It’s great

it’s really gorgeous

Silver Gymnasium is definitely more up my street, but yes, this is a treat.

Only given it a couple of listens, but sounds really nice.

Goes on a bit though, especially as it’s only 9 tracks

Listening through the first time, Judey on a Street sounds lovely so far.

Kinda stopped listening to them after Stage Names/Stand-Ins. This was probably a bad decision…

Been enjoying this album very much. My current take is that it starts and ends very well and has a bit of a meandering dip in the middle. May just take a few more listens for the mid section to grow though.

Agree with Yuggy and Trev that the opening song is pretty special. Currently a little emotional anyway, but that song caught me off guard with a complete sucker punch when I first heard it.

Felt for a bit they were trying too hard to swipe some of The Arcade Fires audience. Sounds a bit cruel to say, but I reckon Will sounds at his best when backed in a corner and dejected by the world. The new record is lovely

Had a similar reaction to ‘indiana through the smoke’ when I first listened to it with the lyrics. It’s about his grandfather passing away who was in the navy and served on the Indiana. Really beautiful, it’s rivalling the opening track as my favourite atm

Another one in complete agreement here. Easily the best thing they’ve done since Stage Names. Beautiful, sad and brilliant like they haven’t been for a while. Completely renewed my enthusiasm for their shows this November.

Someone change the thread title. NEW OKKERVIL RIVER INCOMING! Sadly, it’s just “nice” without being anything exciting. Ends with a good build though.