New On Streaming Sites

With all the streaming sites out there, and influenced by @malick mentioning the Apu trilogy is on Amazon Prime, thought this might be a good idea when something of interest is added to Netflix/Amazon Prime/BFI/Mubi/Shudder/Curzon etc etc


Morvern Callar has just been put on the ol’ Nettyf


Excellent idea for a thread this.

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also on iplayer atm. keep meaning to watch it

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Oh yeah iPlayer/4od/the Five one recommendations are also welcome - sometimes films on there are on for a week, sometimes a month so its hard to keep track

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Things on my Netflix Watchlist going away this month:

Grandmaster / June 15th
Oceans 8 / June 19th
Mary Queen Of Scots / June 19th

Caveat is on Shudder - @Petagno I remember you being a fan? Just started it now

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British horror Saint Maud has been added to Amazon Prime. I’ve been looking forward to this.

Possessor is on Shudder

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Cecil B. Demented is now on MUBI, Waters most underrated film IMO

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Did you go to The BFI when John Waters was introducing that film in person? Probably five or six years ago.

Yep. It’s a great film.

Metallica: Some Kind of Monster is on Netflix

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Howling to watch both Wild Life (July 10th) and Wild Rose (July 11th) before they leave Netflix.