New Order (not dead)

Went back over their singles comp on Spotify this week, and I was surprised by how much of their catalogue is just completely amazing. Seems like they were utterly unimpeachable in the 80s, just a crazy run. I think there’s really something special about how Bernard Sumner can’t sing very well so they just do the most basic vocals and lyrics which are fantastic, and service the music really well. Like ‘Love Vigillantes’ is technicLly poorly sang, and the lyrics are silly, but the whole thing together is just complete ecstasy.

Still despite a fandom since I was about 15 (had a quite intense relationship with PC&L at that age) I’ve not actually listened to any of the albums past Low Life (oops), so I’ll probably set that right over the next few days.

Anyway, hopefully we can talk about New Order


Been listening to substance a lot lately for some reason. Is amazing.

They really nail banal lyrics.

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New Order/Joy Division were a huge part of my school and university years. PC&L is an amazing album. Just thinking about age of consent gives me goosebumps. That opening baseline…

Also probably one of the few bands that I sing their guitar lines.


Love everything up to Technique (and at least half of Republic). Everything after that is cobblers. ‘Power, Corruption and Lies’ being a particular favourite.


I really like Republic. It’s not their best album but it’s still pretty essential if you’re a fan. It’s a bit like Technique but it sounds a lot more influenced by the techno at the time. Highly palatable album. There’s some really good tracks hidden in there.

Not really into their 2000s stuff (not even the single Crystal, I don’t understand why that song is so loved) but Music Complete is a good album, although maybe not good enough by their standards.

Superb band. Technique is an amazing album.
Liked their last album.


the 12" mix of The Perfect Kiss is like the ur-New Order song. it’s everything that’s great about them in one track.


They got patchy after Technique but Regret, Crystal and Krafty are great songs.


Amazing singles band (I have the significant majority of their Factory 12" releases and there are very few I wouldn’t always be happy to listen to) and responsible for two of my all time favourite albums.

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Properly great band. I never got tired of their music.

Yeah. They’re great and the Singles compilation is awe-inspiring. Disc 1 has about 20 stone cold classics and I think only one of them was even on an album.

Always a toss-up between Low Life and Technique for best album.

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Oft-forgotten late period banger


So all you people saying everything after Technique was patchy…What about Movement ?
OK…Dreams Never End is for me, in their top 5 but can you tell me Movement is better than Music Complete, Sirens Call or Republic…I love Crystal & Turn My Way off the album after Republic whose name temporary escspes me lol

In my opinion P C L is very patchy. Hit, Miss, Hit, Miss, Hit, Miss, Hit, Hit.

Low Life - Hit, Hit, Hit, Hit, Elegia (i skip TBH…it is a thing of greaty beauty but i’m rarely in the mood) , Hit, Hit, Hit

OK…Whoever suggested Lowlife you have a point because…

Brotherhood - Hit, Hit, Hit, Hit, Hit, Hit, Hit, Miss, Hit, Hit

Technique - It’s all decent but doesn’t really grab me by the b0llocks like Low Life & Brotherhood.

To buy that drink is so much more reasonable. I think i’ll go there when it gets seasonal.

Jolene i could have seen you there
When i looked into your lifeless eyes i saw you everywhere

Quite like the idea that someone would see a band name and assume they’d had a Lynyrd Skynyrd moment.

Movement is a massively underrated album that sounds better and better as the years pass.

Power, Corruption and Lies is one of the most perfect albums ever made by anyone and Low Life is so close to perfection that it would be any other band’s best album.

Brotherhood is patchy, admittedly, but Technique is another stone cold classic and also a significant advance in their sound.

After that all the records have two or three good tracks (some of which compare with their best) and none of them move the story forward at all. They are not great albums.

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Brotherhood is their best album imo. The 2nd side is bloody amazing. It has Bizarre Love Triangle followed by All Day Long, which are two of the best moments in all recorded music. All Day Long is where music peaked.

I have tried to get into Movement on a number of occasions. I think the best albums are like magic eye pidtures where they need a few plays before they unfold the beauty within.

I think “Let’s give Movement another go, afterall Peter Hook reckons it’s his favourite New Order album” but as much as i would love to, i still haven’t ‘seen the dinosaur’.

As i mentioned Dreams Never End is hairs-standing-up on my back sublime. I just can’t enjoy the rest. I will have at least one other attempt before i die.

I’m 46 and have been a fan of the band for (i’d estimate), 32 of those years. So while i wasn’t attending Warsaw/Joy Division gigs, neither am i a newcomer.

Perhaps i should re-visit “Power…”;as well then.

Up until probably 3 years or so ago, i rarely listened to Republic but i can appreciate that for a good (not great) album now. I had a remix of Spooky which was rather good and the album track pale in comparrison. So i always skipped that but i’ve grown to like it.

Everyone Everywhere and Young Offender have both grown on me hugely.

Unfortunately i must depart for work now or i would go through the rest. I couldn’t find an edit button yesterday. Is there one?

What does everyone think of Electronic, Monaco, The Other Two and Bad Lieutenant?

Movement > Get Ready > Technique > the rest (besides those three albums, it’s all about the singles for me).

This is bound to kick off a string of declarations of disbelief.

The first Electronic album is excellent, the rest are not.

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