New Order (not dead)


for some reason i never noticed how much it ‘quotes’ the percussion from Atrocity Exhibition - again, i think the production has been cleaned up on the new remaster to the point where things jump out of the murk a bit more.
The demos are pretty cool too as far as these things go. I think the ‘Western Works’ session was previously available online if you knew where to look but it’s new to me.


The Mesh demo :ok_hand:

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The best Joy Division album too (if we don’t count Substance)


take it to the hot takes thread

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Let’s not get carried away

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Back at my parents and sorting through old stuff. Haven’t seen this for 26 years. Needs a wash I think .


They’re going all Aphex Twin with this live album title


i like that Steve and Gillian weren’t on board with the sunglasses instruction

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