New Order

Great band, yes? Obviously diminishing returns (and long periods of nothing) after Technique (though Republic and Get Ready were ok), but I thought Complete Music was a total return to form. Really dig Music Complete (the extended mixes version of the album) and prefer it to the original, though I can see why they didn’t go with that as the main event.

Great singles too: Ceremony, Temptation, Thieves Like Us, True Faith, Crystal…

Wonder if they’ll knock out anything in 2017.

Temptation is the tits. Aside from singles though I’ve never managed to get into a full album by them, much as I’ve tried.

Yes, great band. Superb singles band. A couple of cracking albums too.

Republic, despite featuring possibly New Order’s best (or second or third best) song, was generally dig shit. I really rate Get Ready, though strangely not many fans do.

Time for a quarterly New Order top 5?

  1. Regret
  2. Ceremony
  3. Temptation
  4. Dreams Never End
  5. Krafty

That’s right, I said “5. Krafty”

Substance/Singles are amazing compilations. Not sure they’ve ever made a great album (I could never get into Technique) but they’ve had plenty of great songs. Even later albums have Crystal and Krafty.

Regret is up there as one of my fav singles ever.
Technique is amazing.

Movement is a certified great album, and Technique is strong, if also a tiny bit irritating. But I agree that they’re a band for picking the eyes out of, rather than for listening to one album after the other.


dog shit, not dig shit

  1. Run
  2. Temptation
  3. Everything’s Gone Green
  4. Bizarre Love Triangle
  5. Elegia

Their Reading headline set from 1993 is one of my fav sets ever! Seen them loads since then, sometimes great, sometimes decidedly not (can’t handle Barney whooping in the middle of love will tear us apart). Saw them in Berlin this year and it was the best I’d seen them in a while, although I’ve not listened to the last album much. Should stick it on really…

Power, Corruption and Lies is unquestionably a great album


i love Movement and really like some of the singles and b-sides on Substance. never been fussed beyond that really.

  1. Dream Attack
  2. Regret
  3. Age Of Consent
  4. True Faith
  5. Crystal

Technique and Low-Life are both up there in my all time favourite bands ever.

Disc 1 of Singles is about as close to perfect as anything is ever likely to come.


  1. Technique
  2. Low Life
  3. Music Complete
  4. Power, Corruption and Lies
  5. Movement
  6. Brotherhood
  7. Republic
  8. Get Ready
  9. Waiting for the Sirens’ Call

Lost Sirens would be 10, Complete Music would be 2 and Substance would be… I dunno. The best? Probably, but by its nature it doesn’t sit together as an album like their best work. Especially Technique. It just sounds fucking great and could be by no other group. I wonder if Fine Time kinda puts people off the album a bit? It’s a slightly odd start. Put All the Way or Love Less up first and it would be immediately more accessible. Maybe.

I’m still getting over regret at no 1

barney has cut right down on the whopping in the last year or two - the warehouse project gig last December had none during lwtua)

best gig for me was Liverpool Apollo come back gig
such a great day out

Absolutely with you on both of these things. Regret forever <3333

Also Republic has probably the most terrible, early 90s hey-look-at-what-computers-can-do artwork ever. Just awful.

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temptation (but which version?!)
the perfect kiss (full length - not that cut down low life one)
lonesome tonight
your silent face

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Great band. Probably more of a singles band.

I really like the terrible lyrics too.

Your silent face
Age Of Consent
Bizarre Love Triangle