New Paramore


Aaron from mewithoutYou wrote the lyrics and sings on track 11.
Just listening now and it's a shame the vocal is so low in the mix so it's barely audible, seems a bit of a waste.


to me, it's 80s new wave pop stuff, done really well. not for everyone, but people who like that kind of pop and things like the Carly Ray Jepsen album will have a good time. guess some people who liked pop punk paramore will hate it too. can't please everyone


my thoughts exactly. it works really nicely on the album, but why can't you make most of it out?


It's kind of a shame I agree because conceptually the lyrics on that song sound really interesting and daring. Simultaneously celebrating and sitting on the bands growth by using lyric refrains from previous songs written from the perspective of someone else is a really bold and interesting move. But in a way I think it kind of works, on repeated listens at least, didn't care for the track at all first time out.



The change in sound appears to have gone over with the existing damnedest, which is good because I was worried I'd need to read about a mainstream rock act "selling out" again




Sounds weirdly like Dutch Uncles.


what's happened to Paramore?


Tyler modded one of his distortion pedals into a chorus pedal, not a lot other than that.


Seems her throat cuts out at crucial rhyming times too. I'd get that looked at, professional singers rely on their voice for money.


Anyone going to The O2 tomorrow also? Looking forward to it. Anyone know stage times?


I’m going - can’t wait.

Provisional, but The O2 tweeted that mewithoutYou would be on at 19:30 and Paramore at 20:45, subject to change.


Can’t wait. I’m a Tory so got Amazon prime seats so I can get nice and drunk without leaving my seat (has table service) (yes you get a table) (yes I’m too old for the standing tickets and they sold out) they’re fantastic live


chuck us a few pints down, would ya?!


Sure but you might get wet


We need to arrange a cue for it. How about during ain’t it fun i throw down a couple of bevs and again during hard times?


Look m4, if you can’t throw a pint without it spilling, i guess we’ll have to go with bottles of wine, other than that, the plan holds.


Cheers. I checked on The O2 Twitter page but couldn’t see stage times. I’ve standing tickets. They were great at Wembley in 2013. Tomorrow should be great too.


MewithoutYou aupporting is very strange. You should all leave after them.tbh